From the Kitchen of Pat Sulleza…gurayan sandwich filling and rice topping

From the kitchen of Pat Sulleza: (based on her comment to my blog about food…)

*Gurayan sandwich filling and rice topping


1 kilo of anchovy (white variety, and small ones are preferred)
1 cup chopped kamyas (if not available, use young crushed tamarind, calamansi and vinegar, or the sour variety of green mango)
½ cup vinegar
thumb-sized ginger, crushed
salt to taste
pork oil
Optional: chili, bell pepper, and laurel leaves

Wash the anchovy thoroughly to reduce the fishy smell.
Cook in vinegar, kamyas, ginger and salt. Allow to boil for 15 to 20 minutes to eliminate some of the liquid. Add estimated amount of pork oil. Reduce fire and simmer for 5 minutes more. Allow ample amount of sauce to remain.

Best cooked in native earthen pot (palayok); if using ordinary stainless or steel cooking pot, line the bottom with fresh banana leaves, if available.
Another option is wrapping the anchovies in banana leaves and arranged inside the pot. If banana leaves are not available, pechay may be used.
The vinegar shall serve as preservative, so there is no worry for spoilage.
Young okra or eggplant may be added on top of the preparation while cooking, and they can be used later as garnishing to rice.
As filling for sandwich, white onion rings may be added.
As rice topping, chopped spring onion (sibuyas-dahon) may be sprinkled as garnishing.
The sauce with added few mashed anchovies and chopped white onion may be used as dip for Skyflakes biscuit, pan de sal, or biscucho.
The green mango loses some of its acidity when it is cooked, so it goes well with rice, okra or eggplant.

*Gurayan- Bisayan/ Karay-a for anchovy
*Dilis- Bisayan/ Cebuano and Tagalog for anchovy

5 thoughts on “From the Kitchen of Pat Sulleza…gurayan sandwich filling and rice topping

    • maliliit na dilis ang gamitin mo…also ang variation nito ay using “dulong”, yong maliliit na fresh water fish, para ring maliliit na dilis…actually pwede ring topping sa crackers…damihan mo ang olive oil…wag kalimutan ang suka, especially, apple cider vinegar para maitabi nang matagal…


      • yes sir, think iv seen some dulong in the supermarket. i like olive oil and cider alot! yay! thank you sa tips sir! will let you know if i did it successfully haha


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