Quitinday Hills (Camalig, Albay, PH)

for those who long to see “chocolate hills” bug got no budget to go Bohol…mayroong mga ganito sa Albay…another feat of the intrepid photog/blogger, Mark…check out his site for more interesting spots na hindi pa nadiskober ng marami para mapasyalan ninyo bago masira ng mga burarang turista, tulad ng ginawa nila sa Boracay…

No Juan Is An Island

After climbing a great hill, one only finds that there are many more hills to climb. – Nelson Mandela


The Philippines has been known to be the home of the world-renowned Chocolate Hills in Bohol. BUT, did you know that in the Bicol Region, a notably similar undulating geographical features like the ones in Bohol, can be seen in the town of Camalig in Albay Province?


The Quitinday Hills are said to be Albay’s version of The Chocolate Hills. And because Albay is known to be a pili producer, the moniker Pili Nut Hills has been associated since it was opened for the public to visit. These little-known hills span an area extending from the 2nd to the 3rd district of Albay. They may not be as cone-shaped and proportioned as the ones in Bohol, however, they are believed to be similar in composition. Nonetheless, the natural beauty of these…

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