Appreciation of Favors and acknowledgment of Acts

Appreciation of Favors
and acknowledgment of acts
By Apolinario Villalobos

There are many ways that a person can do to show his appreciation of the favor given him by others. The most common is by directly acknowledging the act with a simple “thank you” – spoken or written. If the favor is in the form of a gift received personally, expected is a spoken “thank you”. If the gift is given through somebody, a relayed “thank you” or better, a note of acknowledgment and appreciation should be sent to the giver.

On the aspect of communication, this system of exchange can be effective and successful if there is an acknowledgment, the system being some form of interaction between two or more parties. Simply said, a text message sent to someone should be properly acknowledged so that the sender will not be left wondering if the message was received. In the same manner, written memos should be acknowledged by recipients for record purposes, so that if a problem occurs, the parties concerned can check their files for the filed exchange of written communications, hence, finger pointing for faults can be avoided.

Today, people who want to keep themselves abreast of events throughout the world make use of the internet. The web also serves as an effective outlet and venue for the exchange of views, promotion of skills and merchandise – practically, a vast advertising page. In this regard, enterprising parties come up with their own sites to promote their wares – restaurants, resorts, theme parks, nature sanctuaries, hotels, apparel, gadgets, etc.

In the case of touristic facilities and destinations, sites are developed by concerned parties, such as owners, local government units, and agents, to promote them with the obvious reason of enticing visitors. As part of marketing scheme, feedback or report or anything that has got to do with what is being promoted MUST be acknowledged. For instance, if a walk- in tourist wrote something about it and published it on his site if he has one, by all means, the effort must be acknowledged….that is marketing strategy – knowing how far the promotion has gone and acknowledging the effort of the client who, not only enjoyed the visit but also wrote something about it…even published it for the information of others – free!

In the cutthroat tourism industry, the act of acknowledging even simple notices and reaction is very important, as it is one way of winning future or “repeat” clients. This is also one way of knowing what aspect of the business needs improvement. In this regard, employers must choose only people who are keen in this field, as monitoring skill is a must. Those who sleep on their job do not deserve a seat in the office, as they can just jeopardize the effort of the rest who are serious in doing theirs.

Charitable acts need not be acknowledged, instead, must be passed on. However, if the favor came from a big charitable institution that needs the promotion to boost their solicitation effort, their act should be acknowledged, for the information of past and future donors.
Finally, the simple spiritual acknowledgment and appreciation that we can do is the prayer of thanks for our lives and blessings…..addressed to Him!

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