The Hurting Truth in the Message of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court about the BBL

The Hurting Truth in the Message
of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court
about the BBL
By Apolinario Villalobos

Now that the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court has spoken about the blatant disrespect of the Constitution by some parties, those guilty without even being told, should better pack up their things and get out of the comfortable offices which they were told to occupy, by the President.

In particular, the hurting truth in the message of the Chief Justice concerns the “bright” government representatives to the peace panel that framed the BBL. How can a UP professor and a lawyer fail to know that what they were doing were against the Constitution? Worst, they do not have the heart to accept their fault, despite enlightening criticisms. Obviously, it seems that no counter-proposals from them were laid on the table, every time the MILF group presented theirs that resulted to the humiliating failure of their effort.

With the softening of the MILF’s stand, it is obvious that its leadership seem to have realized the truth in what the Chief Justice said. The representatives of the government, Deles and Ferrer on the other hand, are still naïve and numb to the insinuated message. With all the overpowering criticisms, I cannot imagine how the lady professor, Ferrer, can still lecture on her students the same principles that she believes in. She should ask herself this time, if she can still be an effective professor who has the responsibility to teach what is true. The big question is: will UP still retain her now that her integrity has been questioned?

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