The BBL with Unfair Unconstitutional Provisions will just create more animosities…thanks to Pnoy!

The BBL with Unfair and Unconstitutional Provisions
will just create more Animosities…thanks to Pnoy!
by Apolinario Villalobos

The approval of the Congress Ad Hoc Committee of the BBL draft, contains the original list of the provinces, as provided for in the Tripoli Agreement during the time of Misuari, that shall comprise the Bangsamoro and that includes Sultan Kudarat, North Cotabato, two Zamboangas, Davao del Sur, South Cotabato and Palawan – obvious Christian-dominated provinces….yet the name of the seemingly independent state, but masquerading as a region, Bangsamoro, is so named to denote literally that it is a “Moro land”. The big question now is: will Muslim leadership tolerate Christian teachings within its domain when it seems that the direction is establishment of an Islamic “state”? Will there be fair election to give chance to a Christian to assume the leadership of the region? Won’t it be awkward if it happens?….a Moro region under a Christian leader!

If MILF is sincere in its intention in promoting unity despite cultural and religious differences, why did it not choose a name that would stand for all the constituents, instead of the “Bangsamoro” which stands just for the Muslims?

Since very long time ago, yet, there has been a so-called “balik-Islam” movement. The advocacy is very strong now in the African continent as shown by the aggressiveness of the ISIS. There was a time when the same atmosphere was felt strongly in the affected areas, that is why some Christians were said to have opted to be converted into Islam to prepare themselves. There is nothing wrong with that. However, just in case it pushes through via the Bangsamoro region, the leaders should manifest sincerity in doing their job. The first ARMM under Misuari accomplished nothing, and the present administration of the region is also questioned as regards its accomplishment. Are the constituents of the Bangsamoro, assured of a better and sincere leadership without even a faint taint of corruption?

Ever since, I had been espousing “integration” for Mindanao in view of diversity in culture and faith, but utmost tolerance should be observed as regards the differences. Definitely, Congress will approve the draft because majority of the its members are pro-Pnoy. Our last hope then, is the Senate….where more intelligent lawmakers are found, and with the reviewing committee under Miriam Santiago.

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