Life and its Trimmings

Life and its Trimmings
by Apolinario Villalobos

Life is a blessing from God and manifested in many forms generally called “creations”, with man as one of them – intelligent and all. Some men are happy to be alive, while some blame God for such blessing.

He is the premier creation of God with free will and intelligence. In his veins flows the blood of life where the DNA floats – story book of what he is and will be. His intelligence made him think that he can be another God. And, because of this pride and greed, he is committing a self-destruction that he deserves.

It is the result of man’s greed suffered by the weaker of his kind. The world is overflowing with it.

It is the manifestation of man’s struggle to live decently by covering his body, tame the wild creatures and utilize the earth for his subsistence, produce tools for protection and domestic use, kill others for the expansion of his domain, and defy God that he cannot see.

Foremost, it is an invisible line that separates the peoples of the world. More potent than culture in setting differences, it is also the garden from where sprouts various devotions with hideous faces. Man’s desire for power and insatiable greed created it.

It is the fruit of man’s struggle for a better life. It is a beautifully-designed scheme for man’s self-annihilation, with all its modern synthetic drugs and food, bombs and guns, and most specially, craving for endless comfort with its deadly undertone.

It is the essence of politics and government systems. It gives impetus to the ambitious people with a “noble aspiration to serve”. It also gives zest to those who are already in position and with power to “serve the people”.

It glitters with a promise of wealth for the strong with evil mind, but burdens the weak to the extent of death.

It is the breeding ground for corruption where intellectuals become expert in sowing miseries among helpless constituents.

It is the extensive umbrella that gives shade of comfort and security to the corrupt who profess to protect the welfare of the people.

It is the legal tool of the vicious and learned people in their practice of corruption and exploitation.

It provides knowledge to man based on historic principles and guidance designed by well-intent intellectuals of the old. But, abused by modern-day hypocrite agencies and abusive institutions, that pledge their never-ending exploitation of the youth.

It is the state of being deprived of the basic necessities of life, resulting from exploitation or choice.

It refers to either the spiritual or material gain of man. When used in the right way, it makes the man benevolent, but if used otherwise, it makes him evil…the world has more of the latter.

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