Will the Filipinos be driven by Despair and Vote for Grace Poe as President of the Philippines?

Will the Filipinos be driven by Despair and Vote for Grace Poe
as President of the Philippines?
By Apolinario Villalobos

For the coming 2016 election, will Grace Poe serve as a floating log, a savior, for the desperate Filipinos who are perpetually left with no choice every time such political process is held, but just left to choose between the devil and deep blue sea?

When she ran for senator, she got an overwhelming number of votes, much more than what Noynoy Aquino who was vying for the presidency got. She had inadequate machinery, being a neophyte in the field, yet she was able to earn the confidence of the voting populace. The election returns that propelled Poe to Senate showed that, somehow, she had an awesome following that used its wise judgment.

The craftiness in Pnoy Aquino saw the glitter of opportunity in the person of Poe and tried his best to establish a connection by offering an option via his Liberal Party. This early, the poor senator could be confused considering that she also vowed during her senatorial campaign not to run for a higher position, plus her own admission of financial inadequacy and freshness in the field of politics. If Poe bites the bait being dangled by Aquino, however, she will be indebted to him and the Liberal Party, endangering the plan of the opposition to file charges against him (Aquino) and other Liberal Party members for committed grafts.

The situation before was much different from today, because before, even Pnoy was presumed to become a reliable president, that is why the Filipinos voted for him, but of late, he proved to be just the opposite. The coming presidential race presents a wary picture because Jejomar Binay the most interested party, has standing lawsuits for graft and corruption, and the rest of the interested ones are either viewed as having limp personality or soiled with dishonesty, too.

Perhaps, this early, what Poe can do first is decide to run as an independent candidate so that the voters will be guided accordingly as regards the support that she would need. As she presents an image that exudes with neutrality, she could seek the help of sitting lawmakers later on for support, especially, if during the campaign days, she will bring out her real agenda which will surely suit everyone. She should make use of her “clean image” advantage to the fullest, if only for the memory of her father whom she adored very much, in case she decides finally to run for president.

4 thoughts on “Will the Filipinos be driven by Despair and Vote for Grace Poe as President of the Philippines?

  1. Very thought provoking sir. I like the idea that she run as independent party if and if she really decides to seek the presidential post. Sir galing ng mga write ups mo. I try to be apolitical but I can’t help but admire your writings.


  2. thanks!…on the other hand, bow naman ako sa travel blogs mo, kumpleto with visuals pa, kaya convincing….try to be apolitical na lang…leave the dirty job na paninita regarding politics sa aming matatanda na lang, as our way of helping you, the youth…by the way, may friend pala akong taga-Coron, si Nonoy, he belongs to the Lanzanas family…may ginawa siyang song tungkol sa isa sa mga Coron beaches….this morning I heard over the radio na ang mayor ng Kalayaan island ay nasa Coron dahil may sinamahang grupo, ininterbyu siya at ang sabi, full time daw sila sa pag-promote ng coastal side na yan ng Palawan as a veritable tourist spot…noong sa PAL pa ako, ginagawa na namin yan…I was PAL’s editor ng magazine nito na black and white pang-turista and I wrote about the whole of Palawan…kaming mga taga-PAL ang unang nag-promote ng underground river na noon ay tinawag na St. Paul’s Subterranean Park….hindi ko maintindihan kung bakit ginagamit ang “Puerto Princesa” sa pag-promote niyan, ganoong mas exotic-sounding ang “Palawan”…dapat para sa buong Palawan ang effort hindi lang sa Puerto Princesa kapag nagpo-promote….binaggit ko na ito sa isa kong blog dahil may pagka-selfish ang dating…thanks uli!


  3. another great insights Sir. I like the idea of Poe biting “the bait being dangled by Aquino.”I admire Grace Poe for her humility in saying that running for a higher post like the presidency is a serious endeavor. She has in mind issues of competence, performance and readiness to lead the country. Should Poe run as an independent candidate for President, she has a big trouble! If she runs so as vice-president, she has an edge even though an independent candidate.

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    • Tama ka Caps…although, I am for her running for President, you are right about the trouble she might encounter along the way…siguradong the Binays will fight to death, manalo lang….dagdag pa diyan ang ibang noon pa man ay nangarap na….siguradong malalamog si Poe sa mangyayaring paninira ng iba’t ibang kampo…at dahil babae, they will presume na madali itong bibigay. Tama ka rin na maski independent kung VP lang, wala siyang problema.

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