National ID system for the Filipinos?…are the lawmaker serious?

National ID system for the Filipinos?
…are the lawmakers serious?
By Apolinario Villalobos

To be blunt about it…how can it be possible, for a third world country like the Philippines whose agencies are not interconnected by an intricate and reliable IT system?…when even the signals of Telcos are weak and irregular, rendering the use of cellphones and computers unreliable?…when some folks in remote villages have not even seen a cellphone…or even bought a simple cedula or Residence Certificate from their barangay? These quixotic guys in Congress have been wasting precious time in deliberating on such a useless issue, when there are more important things to work on such as better and doable anti-flood program, and fast-tracking of the national defense system, to name just two.

As part of the SOP for an ID, it requires swiping in a verification machine, every time it is used by the holder. What if the holder lives in a remote town somewhere in the south where power outage is frequent? What will happen to his transaction? Will it push through even without the response from the nucleus agency that holds all the information? What is the assurance of every Filipino who will sincerely fill up the application form for the ID that the information about them will be secured properly, when these documents are filed just in unlocked steel cabinets or corrugated boxes? What penalty can be readily imposed on the irresponsible and corrupt employee who leaks confidential information to interested person or parties in exchange for a few thousand pesos?…if ever there will be, will it be implemented strictly? Can the agencies that will be given such responsibilities be trusted enough, in view of the DAP and pork barrel scam concerning ghost projects, etc. involving unscrupulous government officials and employees?

This impractical system will definitely encourage more kidnappings as all information of every Filipino will be exposed to criminal-minded individuals and parties. The lawmakers who thought about such are hypocrites, as they cannot even disclose their real assets, yet they advocate a system which stipulates severe penalties to those who will lie about their declared information! Also, it will just create chaos again just like other policies that do not have clear-cut implementation system and budget! The system will also open another avenue for corruption which has been prevalent in the government.

Clearly, just because the national ID system seems unusual, something special, the congressmen thought, they are doing a monumental job, something heavy, hence, an “impressive” cover up for their ineptness.