Prayer for ALL Mothers…

Happy Mothers’ Month/2015

Prayer for ALL Mothers…
By Apolinario Villalobos

Most Benevolent Creator of all things in the vastness of the universe
and controller of their destiny,
To you we pray…

For all the mothers that You brought forth on the face of the earth –
They that walk the ground, crawl and slither, swim in the ocean
and slice the air with their flight,
Grant that they be safe and healthy at all times
that they can give warmth and milk to their offspring,
Grant that they be well-concealed and distanced
from the sight and reach of predators,
Grant that they be spared
from hunger and thirst
that their offspring can suckle from them the juice of life
though trickles they may be
that they live on to gasp for breath;
For those whose offspring came out of brittle eggs,
Grant that their wings be strong
to protect their brood from the whipping wind,
from incessant patter of rain and scorching heat;
Grant that their mates fly home safe
with worms and morsels in their beak
for the helpless and fragile chicks in their nest;
We thank You Lord, for the life that you gave,
We thank, too, the mothers for their love
and warm care that they give
even in the face of death….


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