Imperfection, Tolerance, and Peace

Imperfection, Tolerance, and Peace
By Apolinario Villalobos

Nothing on earth is perfect. That is the reason why nobody has the right to say that his or her religion or family or child, decision, etc. is perfect. Not even identical twins are perfectly identical. Religion which is invented by man is not perfect or rather, the perfect way towards eternal Bliss. Religions do not teach perfect philosophies or way of life. Some people behind religions use fraudulent tactics in their conversion efforts. Some churches regardless of faith have been questioned since the early times on the issue of corruption. But this does not mean that religion is totally bad. Somehow, as it is supposed to teach virtues, there is still righteousness in it.

Since nobody and nothing else, for that matter, on earth is perfect, it is necessary that we should be tolerant to one another, especially, on the issue of faith. Let us avoid criticizing others, instead, we should manifest goodness in our action to the humanly best we can and hope that others will emulate us. If we fail to understand imperfection, as well as, practice tolerance of differences that prevail among us, there will never be peace, as each one will always try to prove that he is the best.

If communist countries will not tolerate the democratic system of their neighboring countries, expect clash of ideologies and eventually, war, which already happened in the past, and may erupt again soon. If Islamic advocates will not tolerate the evangelizing efforts of Christians who visit homes to share the Good News in a Muslim community, expect prosecutions that will result to hatred.

On the other hand, there is always the choice between good and better, and the final choice between better and best. But, it does not mean that what comes out as the best is already perfect. One who thinks this way, must be standing on the pedestal of pride!

What Jesus Taught…and what man advocates

What Jesus Taught
…and what man advocates
By Apolinario Villalobos

Jesus taught charity, but man advocates selfishness
Jesus taught love, but man advocates hatred
Jesus taught compassion, but man advocates indifference
Jesus taught mercy, but man advocates cruelty
Jesus taught tolerance, but man advocates aggressiveness
Jesus taught piety, but man advocates wickedness
Jesus taught kindness, but man advocates thoughtlessness
Jesus taught humility, but man advocates arrogance

Unless man frees himself from the shackle of pride
Till death, to righteousness, he will be blind
And, limitless desire for worldly comfort
Will be in his heart, for all its worth!