Religion and Fraudulence

Religion and Fraudulence
By Apolinario Villalobos

Religion is about the belief in a divine or superhuman power. It is about worship of whoever is believed to be powerful than man. The so-called ministers are supposed to represent such powerful being, on earth. For thousands of years since the first religion was practiced, many branches have been established.

During the Middle Ages, however, the spirituality of its essence has been overcome by selfishness, resulting to bloody skirmishes among groups, and prominently featured during this era was the struggle between the Christian Crusaders and the Islamic advocates. In time, the two major religions suffered from schism resulting to the formation of different sects. Also, the prevailing environment over which doubts hovered led to the founding of other religions by those who claimed to be “enlightened” ones and prophets.

Some religions employ elaborate paganistic ceremonies in their worship, others with songs and dances that induce worshippers to fall into trance, still others, use magic to enthrall worshippers who expect miracles. Some groups make do with heartfelt readings from their Holy Scriptures, that some chant for soulful effect, while others use eloquent and dramatic discourses that drive their listeners to tears.

There is nothing wrong with religion. It is an important spiritual instrument for unity, although, originally intended as a form of worship to pay homage to the Creator or Protector. What spoiled the essence of religion is the fraudulence that man developed to satisfy his selfish motive. It cannot be denied that there are fraudulent priests and ministers who abused their authority.

Some ministers even go to the extent of fooling followers to believe in financial gains if they will just be faithful in paying their tithes on schedule. There is a story about a minister who, in the middle of his oratorics, would tell his mesmerized followers to invert their umbrellas to catch blessings from heaven! There’s another story about the same minister who told his followers to open their windows and doors as soon as they have come home to welcome blessings which they did. Unfortunately for some, however, burglars broke in, instead!

To date, churches are undergoing cleansing by getting rid of unscrupulous ministers and priests. This is some kind of a relief because the world today is beset with political unrests and the people regardless of race are suffering from intermittent onslaught of natural disasters, as well as, prosecution by fellowmen. Expectedly, these disheartened people have nothing else left to cling to as their hope but the One who made everything, because it is only to Him that mankind belongs. Every desperate man who has gone astray, is practically retracing his step back to where he worshipped once. It is a fulfillment of an adage that says, “there is no other hope…but Him”.

Clarifications…about my blogs

…about my blogs
By Apolinario Villalobos

Lest I be misunderstood, I would like to clarify that-

I am not against the Chinese people and their culture when I wrote the blogs about the West Philippine Sea. I am against their leaders who engineered the reclamation projects in that particular body of water much to the disadvantage of the Philippines and neighboring Asian nations….and, though belatedly realized by hypocrite international community, even the far-flung nations that use the passage in plying their maritime trade.

I am not against politics. I am against the pea-minded and abusive politicians and government officials who see glitter of gold in every project that they undertake for the Filipino people.

I am not against religion. I am against the arrogance and the unbecoming corruption of its church heads, ministers, priests, leaders, who invoke God and Christ as they release mouthfuls of Godly verses while competing with each other to win members, the more, the better for the fund to be raised.

I am not against the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) and the Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL). I am against the people who structured the proposal with obvious betrayal of trust given to them by the Filipinos, especially, those from Mindanao who have more right in aspiring for lasting peace.

I am not against the Aquino family. I am against the late couple Ninoy and former President Cory’s son, President Pnoy’s cuddling of officials with questionable performance in his administration. I am against the president for not fulfilling his promise to listen to the Filipino people, his “bosses”. I am against his reactionary attitude – waiting for something disastrous to happen before doing something, such as not filling up vacancies in the Cabinets. To date, the COMELEC has no Chairman, yet….the PNP is without a Chief….etc.

I am not against the Philippine government. I am against the corrupt people who run it. I am against the graft-minded officials who manipulate the system for their advantage.

I am not against success of people who rose from “rags to riches”. I am against the successful ones who have no satisfaction in gaining wealth to the point of exploiting others. These are the professionals who make use of their learned craft in twisting truths.

I am not against the high technology. I am against the people who abuse its purpose.

I am not against the people who want to taste comfort in life. I am against their scheme at the disadvantage of their fellowmen in their desire to earn money at all cost.

I am not against life, otherwise, I will be contradicting Him….an ultimate mistake that I can do!

Chinese Tourists and Six Uncivil Behaviors – 文明

China IQ 中華智商


These days, Chinese tourists have developed a bad reputation, not only abroad.  Chinese people are also tired of Chinese tourists.  “东方卫报” (dōngfāng wèibào – “The Eastern Guardian”), a Nanjing based daily newspaper, published the following article on their front page on Tuesday April 7, 2015:


The heading translates to “Take it Easy on Your Outings: Six Kinds of Uncivil Behavior to Take Note Of.”  The six uncivil behaviors are listed below:

违规吸烟 (wéi guī xīyān) – smoking illegally

随地吐痰 (suídì tù tán) – spitting phlegm everywhere

争抢座位 (zhēngqiǎng zuòwèi) – to scramble for the seats

乱扔垃圾 (luànrēng lājī) – to litter garbage

大声喧哗 (dàshēng xuānhuá) – to be noisy and to make a racket

推挤插队 (tuī jǐ chāduì) – to push, shove and cut in line

Examples of the behavior:

A Chinese tourist was fined in Thailand for washing her feet in a public bathroom on Phi Phi Don island

Failed System

The incidents including Chinese tourists within China and abroad are too numerous to count, but one thing is…

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