Questionable and Self-Serving Accomplishments of the Binays…and the desperate quest of Vice-President Jejomar Binay to become President

Questionable and Self-serving Accomplishments of the Binays
…and the desperate quest of Vice-President Jejomar Binay to become President
By Apolinario Villalobos

The picture is clear now that Vice-President Jejomar Binay really had a grand plan ever since, to become president of the Philippines. His humble beginnings could have played a vital role for this quest, as Filipinos have the penchant to favor underdogs, however, he committed the grave mistake of going beyond the limits of tolerable abuse that the Filipinos can take.

From being a humble husband of a struggling doctora, he became Vice-Mayor and worked his way up to become Mayor of the then, fast-developing commercial hub of Metro Manila – Makati. Physically, observers say that he does not have the factor that can make a man standout in the crowd – not good looking, dark-skinned and short. But this handicap was overshadowed by shrewdness which shaken up constituents in Makati used to believe was an inherent benevolence of a man who, long ago was poor, and who derived extra income from a backyard piggery. They thought he was generous at heart with all the projects that were supposed to benefit the poor of Makati. Unfortunately, cases filed against him, are alleging that those projects were concocted for fat commissions.

The people of Makati clearly tolerated him despite floating stories about commissions derived from projects. From cakes given to senior citizens during their birthdays and hospital equipment, commissionable ventures soon grew into infra-structures. The Binays tried to maintain their clout on Makati, as after the father, the wife took over, and lately, the son. Ongoing cases are still being heard on these.

But when the elder Binay became Vice-President and shamelessly floated the idea of his running as President of the country while only barely a year in his position, eyebrows began to rise. It was again a mistake on his part, perhaps due to uncontrolled enthusiasm. In all honesty, he seems to believe, that he should be credited for the development of Makati into what it is now. Unfortunately, his basis for his “success” is the bustling business district of Ayala only. He did not throw a glance at the other nooks of Makati where squatters still thrive along river banks, street corners dumped with uncollected garbage, streets pockmarked with holes, etc. He thought that only the Ayala district is Makati City. He forgot that the real “developers” of the Ayala district are the Ayalas, themselves, and their trusted industrial buddies. He was a salaried mayor and expected to work for Makati to the best of his ability. But what he did, according to investigators of his graft cases, was “milked” Makati for his own selfish motives, which as of late have been exposed, with presidency of the country as the centerpiece!

He has been going around the country as far as Mindanao and Visayas. In the guise of doing his job as housing czar of the administration, he visits cities and municipalities that lately have been exposed as “sister municipalities or cities” of Makati. The number of Makati’s sister LGUs has unbelievably soared with unprecedented pace during his incumbency as mayor. A simple analysis would show that, that early on, he had been tying friendly knots with prospective supporters that he would need when the time comes for him to run for president of the country….and that is a year from now – 2016. What a grand and genius plan, indeed! It has been found out that officials of the sister LGUs who visit Makati are accommodated in condo units which saw better days as low-cost BLISS housing complex for Pag-ibig members. It has been alleged that the purchase and renovation of the building were strapped with fat commission. The free-of-charge accommodation comes with free meals, too.

Binay keeps on flaunting the benefits of Makati constituents, despite the fact that all of these are based on national policies which any municipality or city can adopt. When the latest survey on who the Filipinos thought is the most appropriate president, and the name of senator Grace Poe tailed behind him by just a very insignificant difference, Binay immediately issued a statement that the President should have enough experience as a government official, particularly in heading a political unit, which of course points to him, being a “successful” mayor of Makati and now Vice-President of the country!

Since the quest of Vice-President Binay affects the whole country, Filipinos who cannot be as tolerant as the constituents of Makati are now apprehensive, especially, with his uncalled for remark when interviewed by a radio station in Samar, during which he insinuated his pro-Chinese leaning. A joke is circulating about his plan to convert the whole country into a vast business empire using the investment of the Chinese, if he becomes the president of the country!…but whose business empire, is the question.

The Global Furor Over the Chinese Activities in West Philippine Sea is Too Late in Coming…a hollow and hypocritical sympathy and concern

The Global Furor Over the Chinese Activities
In West Philippine Sea is Too Late in Coming
…a hollow and hypocritical sympathy and concern
By Apolinario Villalobos

The latest furor supposedly of the international community over the reclamations being made by the Chinese in West Philippines Sea is a gross show of man’s hypocrisy…late in coming, yet. The issue has been played up in practically all available medium of information – print, broadcast, internet…for years! Such belated reaction is a hollow sympathy and concern from “fellowmen” of Asians affected by the exploitation of the Chinese. The United Nations sat on the complaint filed by the Philippines despite the glaring basis that are all spelled out in the UN provisions. The closest ally of the Filipinos, the big white brothers – Americans, did not raise even an eyebrow when the Chinese practically disregarded the UN’s territorial demarcation lines, and came up with their own map to show the world that the West Philippine Sea is theirs.

Was the United Nations told by China to hold in abeyance its decision on the complaint of the Philippines until their reclamation activities and structures are beyond the possibility of demolition, necessitating then, a compromise as the only solution?

World powers are wary just now because the conduct of their trade through the mentioned passage will be affected, but they did not say a word then, even when all indications of the reclamation activities point to the building of a military base. Not even a simple statement from UN was issued against China when it prohibited fishermen from claimant countries such as the Philippines and Vietnam from fishing in the disputed area, even as the situation got serious with the Chinese’s humiliation of the poor fishermen by spraying them with water and bumping their fragile vessels….a clear violation of human rights!

The United Nations seems to be powerless against the bullying of China. It is understandable, perhaps, because, the world’s economy is dependent on China in many ways. The world is practically being held hostage by China. Even the so-called “enemies” of China are consumers of Chinese products. So, what can the international community do? Impose sanction? How can it be possible as the big slice of the international community has standing financial accountability with China?

When China arrogantly expressed that it does not favor mediation as regards the resolution on the issue of the West Philippine Sea, not even a single member of the United Nations reacted. The helplessness of the affected countries was aggravated by the continued activities of the Chinese. The Philippines is the most and immediately affected due to its closeness to the reclaimed island, making the country already technically part of China!

Because the structures on the reclaimed island are almost finished, it is doubtful if the Chinese can still be driven off, even if the United Nations shall decide in favor of the Philippines. The only and most peaceable way to resolve the problem would be a compromise which is what China really wanted ever since, and which is expected to be in its favor. This triumph will give China a dangerous signal that it can do anything in Asia.

From Asia, nothing can prevent the Chinese from encroaching in other parts of the globe that they will claim to have been explored by their trading ancestors. As they are well-equipped, the reclamation that they have done in West Philippine Sea can easily be replicated in other shallow parts of the world’s oceans in their bid to further their expansionism.

Clearly, Sinozation of the world is aggressively progressing without let up! If doubtful about this claim, why not check the packages that you buy from groceries and the tags on the shirts that you pick up from racks of department stores, the fake jewelries and beauty products, utensils, tools etc., most especially, why not check the gadgets as to where they were made?…include in your check the packages of toothpicks and cotton buds, too!

As the prophecy says, the dragon that has awaken from its long slumber will make the world tremble with its grunt and fire….