It’s Only Now that the Hovering High-Tech Sattelites Discover the Runway Project of China in West Philippine Sea?…tell that to the Marines!

It’s Only Now that the Hovering High-Tech Satellites
Discover the Runway Project of China in West Philippine Sea?
…tell that to the Marines!
by Apolinario Villalobos

It is irritating to read “revealing” and “explosive” news about the “discovery” of the runway being built by the Chinese in the West Philippine Sea. And, of all things, they learned about it from the shots of the satellites in the sky. What hypocrisy! Those satellites are hovering up there 24/7 and captured images are being monitored, and to think that the Chinese have been flaunting their reclamation projects for years! Are the lenses of the satellites’ cameras selective?

Conflicting statements of the Americans are coming out on the defense issue of the Philippines. It shows the ambivalent treatment of the trust given by Filipinos to their white big brothers. Even the United Nations sat on the complaint filed by the Philippines. What will they do now that the reclamation projects that glaringly indicate a military base of the Chinese to protect their claim in the West Philippine Sea is almost finished? The Chinese are not fools to dismantle those structures to comply with whatever pronouncements the United Nations will have just in case it favors the Philippines which is just a dream! It should be noted that China is a permanent member of the UN Security Council…need I say more on this aspect? China has been adamantly vocal about their refusal to resolve the issue with the mediation of UN. Period.

Those “Balikatan Exercises” with the United States Armed Forces are just for show. If the United States has been effective in scaring off the Chinese, the latter should have stopped their reclamation projects long time ago yet. In another situation which God forbids should happen, just in case there will be altercation between the Chinese and Americans, in “defense” of the Philippines, it will not last for days. A few guided missiles from China is enough to obliterate structures and Filipinos from the face of the earth! And, the big brothers, the Americans can just say, “we did our best…now let us talk peace”…..that will be the happiest moment for the Chinese and the Americans, as the archipelago will then be sliced into portions like cake!

Show of power without regard to the mediating authority of the United Nations is being done in Europe now resulting to invasion of helpless countries. What will prevent the same thing to happen in Asia? With the extended sovereignty that China is building via their reclamation projects, what organization or what other powerful country will tell them that the Philippines is not within their territory? And, the Chinese can easily quote now the UN’s Law of the Sea which in the eyes of the exploited nations is becoming inutile…useless!

I fear the day when stories about a lost race somewhere in the Pacific will be told to the coming generations of earthlings….just like the stories about, “Paradise Lost” and the “Bermuda Triangle”. Only this time, the islands will still be there….

An Uncalled For Remark of Binay Indicates his Pro-Chinese Sentiment

An Uncalled For Remark of Binay
Indicates his Pro-Chinese Sentiment
By Apolinario Villalobos

The surprising remark of Vice-President Binay in an interview over DZYM, a radio station in Catarman, Samar, on April 12 already reveals his un-Filipino scheme if ever he becomes President of the Philippines. He openly declared, “may pera po ang China, kailangan natin ng capital…”. This goes to show that he will welcome with open arms whatever expected one-sided talks (in favor of China), that will be proposed to him when becomes president of this long-beleaguered country of “resilient” Filipinos. If that happens, not only will the Filipinos continue to suffer from the sucking of the corrupt government officials but also the economic manipulation of a foreign power, as well.

Not only will the shores of the western coast of the country be opened to the Chinese by virtue of the extended Chinese sovereignty provided by the artificial islands that they (Chinese) are being building right within the maritime territory of the Philippines. The already Chinese-dominated economy of the country will surely be stamped with calligraphic symbols. The Chinese shall feast on opportunities to be offered in the exploration of natural resources, such as, oil, natural gas, and many others because as Binay implied, they have the money for the operation.

Binay may have Singapore in his mind as a model for an Asian country to be called progressive. He even unabashedly compared himself to Lee Kuan Yew who engineered the miraculous development of Singapore, a once struggling port in Southeast Asia. He must also be thinking that he has done so many things for Makati, recognition of which, he is forcing on those who respectfully listen to him…when in fact, he is now under fire for what he had been doing in Makati – allegedly profiteering from big projects.

What Binay has forgotten is that the discipline of the Singaporeans is much different from the kind of the Filipino discipline. Lee Kuan Yew has successfully maintained a clean administration which is way way far from the corruption-riddled mindset of the Philippine government officials, and that includes him, according to the senators who are investigating his graft and plunder cases. In the Philippines, the impression that the easiest way to amass money is by entering the arena of politics, and the shameful number of investigation on corrupt cases prove this. Binay forgot that he is one of those being investigated.

Some Asean neighbors of the Phillipines are enjoying real progress, not the one shown in reports of paid researchers, even by not bowing to the dictates of super powers such China and the United States. Vietnam which was haplessly mowed to the ground during a pocket war with the United States is now way ahead of the Philippines. Cambodia is steadily increasing its inbound tourist influx by maintaining its traditional eco-tourism system minus hotel complexes that are built by foreign investors. Malaysia, despite its restrictive culture is way ahead in practically all aspect of development compared to the Philippines. Binay unfortunately has a different view as regards progress.

The muddled situation of the Philippine is being used by Binay in his early campaign for presidency, promising paradise to the constituents of the “sister cities and towns of Makati” throughout the country, especially the far-flung ones in Visayas and Mindanao….promises such that what he did to Makati, he will do to the country when he becomes president. Some people, though, remark that indeed he will do – make the whole country as a vast personal business empire!

Binay is trying to fool the Filipinos by giving them his own interpretation of “progress” which is tantamount to the dissolution of nationalism. For him, progress means shopping malls, towering condos, bustling commercial centers…though, the fact is, profits are not deposited in Philippine banks but brought out by foreign investors back to their own countries at the expense of nationalism. And the jobs?…yes, there are jobs – call center agents, sales clerks, drivers, factory workers, etc. – all on contractual basis!

The image of Makati that he has been proudly using as showcase of his performance is now crumbling with the glaring issues on how he and his family allegedly gained from the big projects that are painted over with false benevolence. They have yet to prove a single accusation to be false…