By Apolinario Villalobos

The vastness of science of Psychology is such that it has practically covered all facets of man’s emotion. The science has tried to uncover the unexplained feelings which were generally classified before only as contrasting manifestations. The most popular among the subjects for discussion within the scope of Psychology are the phobias or fears of man. It is interesting to note however, that the “phobia” as a scientific term was used only since 1801.

Here are some of the common phobias to help you identify which apply to yours:

Acerophobia -sourness
Ailourophobia -cats
Akousticophobia -sound
Algophobia -pain
Altophobia -heights
Amatophobia -dust
Ancraophobia -wind
Androphobia -men
Anginophobia -narrowness
Anthropophobia -human beings
Antlophobia -flood
Apiphobia -bees
Arachnophobia -spiders
Astraphobia -lightning
Atelophobia -imperfection
Baciliphobia -microbes
Barophobia -gravitiy
Bathophobia -depth
Batophobia -walking
Batrachophobia -reptiles
Balonephobia -needles
Bibliophobia -books
Brontophobia -thunder
Carcinophobia -cancer
Cardiophobia -heart condition
Cheimatophobia -cold
Chaetophobia -hair
Chionophobia -snow
Chromophobia -color
Claustrophobia -enclosed places
Clinophobia -going to bed
Coprophobia -feces (human waste)
Cryophobia -frost, ice
Crystallophobia -crystals
Cynophobia -dogs
Demophobia -crowds
Demonophobia -demons
Dendrophobia -trees
Dikephobia -justice
Eisotrophobia -mirrors
Elektrophobia -electricity
Eleutherophobia -freedom
Enetephobia -pins
Entomophobia -insects
Eremitophobia -solitude, loneliness
Ergophobia -work
Gametophobia -marriage
Genophobia -sex
Graphophobia -writing
Gymnophobia -nudity
Gynophobia -women
Hedonophobia -pleasure
Hematophobia -blood
Hydrophobia -water (used also in rabies)
Hypeglaphobia -responsibility
Hypnophobia -sleep
Hypsophobia -high place
Ideophobia -ideas
Kakorraphiaphobia -failure
Katagelophobia -ridicule
Kinesophobia -motion
Koniphobia -dust
Logophobia -words
Metallophobia -metals
Musicophobia -music
Mysophobia -dirt
Necrophobia -corpses
Nelophobia -glass
Neophobia -anything new
Nephophobia -clouds
Nosophobia -disease
Nyctophobia -darkness
Ochophobia -vehicles
Odontophobia -teeth
Oikophobia -home
Olfactophobia -smell
Oneitrophobia -dreams
Ophiophobia -snakes
Ornithophobia -birds
Ouranophobia -heaven
Panphobia -everything
Parthenophobia -young girls
Pediculophobia -lice
Peniaphobia -poverty
Pharmacophobia -drugs
Phasmophobia -ghosts
Phonophobia -speaking aloud
Photophobia -strong light
Pogonophobia -beards
Pteronophobia -feathers
Satanophobia -satan
Sciophobia -shadows
Selaphobia -flashes
Siderophobia -stars
Sitophobia -food
Spermophobia -germs
Stygiophobia -hell
Tachophobia -speed
Teratophobia -monsters
Thaasophobia -sitting idle
Thalassophobia -sea
Thanatophobia -death
Thermophobia -heat
Tocophobia -childbirth
Toxiphobia -poison
Traumatophobia -wound or injury
Tremophobia -trembling
Trypanophobia -inoculation
Zoophobia -animals

Anglophobia -England or things English
Gallophobia -France or anything French
Germanophobia -Germany or anything German
Negrophobia -Negroes
Russophobia -Russia or anything Russian
Sinophobia -China or anything Chinese
Xenophobia or
zenophobia -foreigner

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