Words on a blackboard


The streets squeeze frantically in my room
Under my door, the city lights mimic a dance with flames
The voices become shouts as if they climb a ladder to be better heard by gods
The eyes let all the stars within and mumble wishes for all their dreams
People swinging on the notes of an inner song, swerve from their ways
And all the steps pursue the rhythm of their beating hearts regaining faith
As they grope for their vanished souls, they know…
The night reigns their world.

Insecurities climb the walls to plunge into drowsy minds
The windows mirror all the wounded prides
The moon brings shadows and forgotten ghosts to tangle the already weakened thoughts
The horns signal the unexpected that walks around the well planned lives
Time, the thief that no one had a chance to catch, juggles with moments back and forth
It calls the past…

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