The Beauty of Life….for Adoracion Paragas-Sanque

Life is beautiful…we should love life and each other…

The Beauty of Life
(for Adoracion Paragas -Sanque)
By Apolinario Villalobos

The magnificence of creation is such
That all we need to do is open our eyes
Though the extent of our perception ends
Where the earth meets the sky –
It still oozes with awe-inspiring sights.
In loving God, we love life…
Gratitude is what to Him we show
For everything He blessed us with
There’s nothing else that we can do.
Even the whiff of the wild grass
Undulating in the wind’s caress
And the buzzing of the busy bees
That fills the air with lively drone
Lightens up, even a heavy stone.
Light feeling, ecstasy, happiness –
They grip us tight, though tenderly
As we delight in the beauty of life
That God made for all of us to see!

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