The Senate Hearing on Mamasapano Massacre Haplessly Exposed the Weaknesses of the PNP and the Military to the Terroristic Elements that Freely Roam around the Country

The Senate Hearing on Mamasapano Massacre
Haplessly Exposed the Weaknesses of the PNP and the Military
To the Terroristic Elements that Freely Roam Around the Country
By Apolinario Villalobos

The senators wrongly thought that they are giving light to the Mamasapano massacre. Clearly, they lacked the guidelines, or if ever there were, they deviated from them, because some questions were leading to the confidential security matters. In their enthusiasm in asking questions, they forgot that there are still active operations for the capture of Usman and the “graduates” of his and the allegedly dead Marwan’s bomb-making trainings.

The senate should have only concentrated on establishing as to who called the shots that launched the unfortunate operation resulting to the death of the forty-four and wounding of other SAF commandos. They should not touch on the fine details on how the operation was done. The lack of coordination and severance of the chain of command can surface to establish the people responsible for the lapses without going to the fine details as to the kind of weapons and rounds of bullets used, movements of units, etc. Unfortunately, Napeῆas was even forced to divulge the details of how the SAF made plans for their operations which was uncalled for.

The Senate hearing has put the country into another delicate situation. I dread to think of what will happen next, after it has been known that the PNP is practically lacking in the necessary defensive and offensive equipment. What will happen now after the exposure of the military that can be made helpless by a simple “miscoordination”? Clearly, they lack thoroughness and resourcefulness. And add to those, their total dependence on a commercial communication facility that can be jammed – the cellphone!

Very clearly, it has been established that the bomb-making “factories” are in Mindanao and that the bomb makers who benefited from the training provided to them by the international terrorists are not roaming only around that southern island, but other parts of the country, especially, Manila. And with the allegation that the MILF is cuddling them in connivance with the BIFF and that both still have connection with international terrorists, is the country, especially Mindanao, still assured of peace as promised by the Bangsamoro Basic Law?

If the Senate would like to improve the coordinative relationship between the security agencies of the country, this should be done behind closed doors, as it involves confidential systematic operations. They should stop the hearing as soon as they have pinned down who called the shots in the launching of operation at Mamasapano. The MILF cannot be forced to accept the fact that it cuddles the terrorists, although, intelligence information has established that they are hiding within their “territory”. The MILF cannot even “touch” the BIFF, their breakaway group. With the strong stand of the MILF, the rest of the effort of the Senate will be futile.

In view of the Senate’s helplessness due to the blatant hand washing and finger-pointing, they better turn their attention to the Bangasamoro Basic Law, as the ball is in their hands, if it still deserves to be passed. Overall, the Senate hearing is doing an irresponsible process. But who would like to stop an opportunity for grandstanding, in view of the approaching 2016 election? Meanwhile, the MILF should thank Deles and Ferrer for speaking on its behalf, in the name of the half-cooked peace process….

The Competence of Deles and Ferrer Questioned as Representatives of the Government in the Peace Negotiation with MILF

The Competence of Deles and Ferrer
Questioned as Representatives of the
Government In the Peace Negotiation with MILF
By Apolinario Villalobos

The Senate hearing has enshrouded with question, the competence of Deles and Ferrer as representatives of the government in the peace negotiation with MILF. Senator Cayetano pointed out their failure to take note of the relationship of the MILF with the bomb-making terrorists and the BIFF which it alleges to be a breakaway segment of their group. Ferrer’s defense that such relationship is now history was not acceptable as she cannot refute the fact that the bomb-making terrorists have long-established a discreet stronghold within the territory of the MILF, as shown by incidents that led to the Mamasapano massacre. The terrorists have trained hundreds and are now roaming around Mindanao and other parts of the country, and even have started to sow terror, and although Marwan is allegedly dead, Usman is still free.

Ferrer’s defensive stand in favor of the MILF is very obvious, as if she was part of the MILF party, herself. She exchanged words in a heated argument with Senator Allan Cayetano, instead of accepting their group’s failure to exercise more thoroughness in dealing with MILF, to ensure that the government’s sovereignty is not jeopardized. She was mouthing defensive statements such as their being well-equipped with information gathered by their intelligence mechanism. How then, did they fail to take note that Marwan and Usman who had been entrenched within the territory of MILF were training local terrorists in Mindanao while peace negotiation with the latter (MILF) was going on? They could have called the attention of the MILF to such situation a very long time ago, yet. Their failure to do so, clearly led to the Mamasapano massacre of the 44 and wounding of many others who had no choice but take the risk of arresting the two terrorists. Such unfortunate tragedy could have not happened if only the two ladies indeed, did their best to “negotiate”.

With the full trust given to Deles and Ferrer in forging the peace agreement that is supposed to pave the establishment of the Bangsamoro Basic Law, is the expectation that the expected peace will be achieved for Mindanao and the Philippines. Unfortunately for them, the Senate hearing brought out the flaws in their negotiation. The exposure made many Mindanaoans wary if indeed, the MILF is strong enough to control its subordinates, as well as, resolute and a sincere party to which the Philippine government will entrust the propagation of a lasting peace in Mindanao.

Many are now asking, how well do Deles and Ferrer know Mindanao. Are they from Mindanao, especially, central Mindanao which is the focus of the issue? Did they live for a long period in Mindanao to have at least a breath of the different cultures and religions which are also among the issues, aside from politics? Why were they chosen, instead of the known competent Mindanaoans? Were they chosen because of their “right connections”?

Aside from the looming failure of the lawmakers to pass the BBL, there is now a call for Pnoy to replace Deles and Ferrer as the representatives of the GRP in the peace negotiation with MILF. If this happens, not only one corner will be added to the peace process…and if this happens, Mindanaoans, the ordinary constituents, both Muslims and Christians will just have to endure the prolonged agony brought about by selfishness, arrogance, and greed for power of some individuals!