Blessing and Faith

Blessing and Faith
By Apolinario Villalobos

This share is for a friend who failed to position himself along the route of pope Francis or go to the Luneta Park for the concluding Mass, because he was bedridden.

Emotion triggers the exaggerated expression of admiration that results to fanaticism. For things material, this may be excused, but for something spiritual, constraint should be observed. Uncontrolled fanaticism makes one selfish, as he or she develops a strong desire to satisfy the felt pent up emotion. It can even result to violence. This is one of the causes of stampedes.

In expressing a spiritual devotion, one need not be too overzealous as others may view the act as hypocritical. Ever since spiritual devotion in us has been developed, we were made to believe sincerely what we do not see, such as God, Jesus, Mary or the saints. We were made to believe in the power of prayer that can heal somebody, even if the one who says it is thousands of miles away. We were made to believe that Jesus who died on the cross is just around. We may not see them but we feel all of these – through our faith. I call it – power of the heart!

I can’t see, therefore, the reason why some “faithful” have to fight their way in front of altars during a Mass, or special spiritual occasions. And, with the visit of the pope, Francis, I cannot understand why one should practically, be a touch away from him to be blessed. Blessing is something spiritual that can be received depending on how faithful the recipient is, as the heart should be open to receive it.

Just to hear the pope’s voice and sincerely receive in one’s heart his message is already a blessing. In this regard, just seeing him on TV or hearing him over the radio does not spell any difference as seeing him pass by, because the same blessing is dispensed. In other words, the “effect” of the blessing is not determined by the distance between the giver and the recipient….as it all depends on one’s faith.

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