Long Distance

Long Distance
by Louie John M Salda

We find each other at our most unexpected time,
I never dreamed that you will be mine.
Your eyes shine and smile like diamonds in the sky,
That gives me joy that it so hard to find.

In this weeping sky I feel your warmest embrace
The stars glitz and we were at peace.
The cold breeze and the moonlight shades the night with meaning,
And the sweet sounds of the air made me feel that someone is missing.

All the memories of yesterday frolicked and flashbacked,
The times that we hold each other’s hand.
Im wishing and staring in the stars that you will soon come back,
for I miss you so bad and I want to hug you so tight.

In this very night you take your first flight,
To the destination you’ve chosen right.
I know that you decided with a good reason,
And I’m willing to wait for you even if it will take that long.

For as long as we keep each other’s faith,
Our love for each other will truly be blessed.
Our hearts that beats as one,
Surely you will always be the one.

I will surely miss you,
And I know that you feel the same way too.
And in my heart I will always keep you.
For sooner or later I will be with you.

This long distance relationship would really challenge us,
In a way that we will realize that we need each other’s hand.
Time will come I will ask for your hand,
And God’s mantle will clothe as one.

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