Do We Deserve the World and our Life?

Do We Deserve the World and our Life?
By Apolinario Villalobos

In times of our lowest moments, sometimes we cannot help but blame the Almighty for the life He gave us…the life that gives us the hurt, despite its good intention. And, there’s the legend that says the first couple, Adam and Eve, let the opportunity for a blissful life in paradise pass, when they gave in to the first temptation.

Man never seemed satisfied. God gave us the world with vast bodies of water, endless stretches of green forests, valleys that resonate with wild life, sky that shields us from the searing sun, and air that gives us the breathe of life. But in gay abandon, we converted the oceans, lakes and rivers into vast septic tanks of human waste, green forests are practically shorn by unscrupulous loggers, we tear the sky and pollute the air with belches of factories.

Human lives are wasted senselessly with the pockets of war that pockmark the face of the earth. Unwanted infants are dumped in garbage bins or flushed in toilets, and those who struggled to grow, suffer from deprivation. People kill each other because of drugs and money. Governments that should have been the protector of lives are themselves, the machineries of destruction with their incessant exploitation of the weak and trusting constituents, all in the name of greed!

And, for all the tragedies and our sufferings we sometimes, unfairly blame God!

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