Ridiculing the Police on the Issue of the Diaper is Senseless

Ridiculing the Police
On the Issue of the Diaper is Senseless
By Apolinario Villalobos

The plan to let the police use diaper as an option to effectively carry out their responsibilities during the papal visit, has basis. Other countries use this option, and discreetly, this was also used during the past big events in the country. It was only during the planning stage of the operational strategy for the papal visit that the police agency was vocal about it, after having been egged to come out with detailed plans.

The thousands of police from the provinces were “billeted” in public venue facilities such as stadiums which are uncomfortable due to limited facilities, yet, they patiently persisted in maintaining their poise despite the lack of rest. This Spartan life was endured for five days. The police went through a lot of sacrifice, although they expected it as part of their job, no question about that.

But despite all those sacrifices, some conscienceless Filipinos, still had the heart to ridicule the police. It is a common knowledge that the rank of these law enforcers also reeks with graft and corruption but to ridicule them despite their selfless effort during a significant papal visit smacks of insanity on the part of the blogger who abused the use of the social media. If the blogger uploaded a photo of a police sniffing shabu or accepting bribe, it could have been acceptable.

Bloggers should show decency, fairness, and as necessary, some restraint in expressing themselves.

Aquino Did Wrong in Criticizing the Clergy Publicly during the Papal Visit

Aquino Did Wrong in Criticizing
The Clergy Publicly during the Papal Visit
By Apolinario Villalobos

While it is right to criticize the clergy, the occasion chosen by Pnoy Aquino to do it was not right He did it during the courtesy call of the pope at the Malacaῆan palace. Being the host, decency dictates that Aquino should make the visitor at ease. When the pope let out an admonition regarding the publicly- acknowledged presence of graft and corruption in the government, such remark did not sound like a big deal, as every Filipino, even the whole world is aware of it, anyway. Aquino should have restrained himself. His being a brutally frank person should have a limitation for the sake of decency.

His criticism of the clergy should have been said during a post-papal visit press conference in reaction to what the pope said about the graft and corruption in his administration. In such venue, his pronouncements can still merit prominence. Also, the Catholic hierarchy in the country admits that indeed, their rank is not free from corruption ever since, and the Catholics themselves are aware of this. Why then, make a big deal of such, in the presence of the most respected head of State, and whom many consider as a “living saint”?

Anybody has the right to be personal in his views, making him tactless sometimes, but it is different when a person doing it is the Head of a Nation, a president, a vowed Catholic, and entertaining the highest official of the Catholic Church, the representative of Jesus on earth. With what he did, Aquino just added one more stain on his image – that of tactlessness. Filipinos delight in his brutal and frank statements against China, though viewed as without clout and toothless, but the effort has been exerted – bravely. But in the presence of the people’s pope, he should have acted more differently.

Aquino missed the opportunity to show the pope that he is also like the rest of the Filipinos- a people who are ready to suffer with humility, a people who can stand the onslaught of graft and corruption in the government, a people whose food has been grabbed by greedy government officials!…the Filipinos have a word for such loss….SAYANG!

the slippers…

slippers carry our weight…just like Jesus who still carries us…

the hut owner blog

Colorful slippers


so small, so thin and so light

the load it carries is always a pride

from heavyweight, light and underweight

all the freight it hauls is a test of its fate 


wherever you go, there with you it goes

the steps it follows are the steps of your toes

on the road, or mountain or just in your home

useful as they are to the skin and bones


wet rainy days or in hot summer time

enduring agonies, it looses its prime

getting thinner the sole will soon retire

its services will follow its life will expire


soon another new pair will take its place

 another journey, another thorny road to face

the olden SLIPPERS, have triumhped protecting your feet

from the stony ground your foot-mate have been made to defeat


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The Lie

an honest view in poetry…

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to break faith could be a covered act

in silence, it could be a song under attack 

as the pens’ power could be an arm in the closet

to be deaf from truth, the fact can’t be a secret


words with thorns could grow its own feathered wings

and snoop by chance at a crowd of hungry ears 

while some tongues would speak freely without fears

and soon the silence would break and eventually stings


by some time it reached the heart of the one concerned

the  hurting tale has pinned, the strike was outnumbered

the spreading blaze has razed and never again a return

it has damaged relations and all attached will burn…


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