Tolerance should have limitations…that must be respected

Tolerance should have limitations

…that must be respected

By Apolinario Villalobos

There is nothing wrong with tolerance which even the people’s pope, Francis is practicing. It is important however, that we should recognize and respect its limitations or boundaries. We should always remember that our rights end where the rights of others begin. Tolerating the ways of others should not mean that they can go beyond the line beyond which others dwell on their own kind of rights.

It is important that religions should be tolerated and respected – not abused and ridiculed. The latest bombing of Charlie Hebdon in France is a clear manifestation of how some people can have the temerity to ridicule other people’s religion, this time, Islam. The bombed group even has the gall to justify their act by mentioning that the new pope had his share of ridicule, but the latter did not react. How can these people forget that human beings differ in degrees of tolerance? …or better, peoples belonging to different races differ from each other? Why can’t these French just ridicule their fellow French, for fun?

Most importantly, religion is such a sensitive issue deserving utmost respect. Its spirituality deserves the highest degree of esteem, as it deals with a person’s total being – his life and relationship to his Creator. And, nobody has the right to question such faith.

The Islamic State issue is more than annoying enough that it even disheartens some Muslims who go against the violent ways of the said movement. Comparing faiths at this time is uncalled for and can just worsen the heating up friction between the Christian and Islamic faiths. Groups of so-called “concerned intelligentsia” are nothing but hypocrites who cannot even discern the simple meaning of the “Golden Rule”.

Finally, the best act that one can do if he desires to go beyond boundaries of differences is by simply extending a hand beyond them for the sole purpose of helping.

The Pushcart that went Far…this is about the Karitun Klasrum of the Dynamic Teen Company

The Pushcart that Went Far

…this is about the KARITUN KLASRUM


By Apolinario Villalobos

As of yet, few knows about the Karitun Klasrum, because the reference is the offshoot of the more popular “kariton classroom” but had to be tagged yet with the name, Efren Peῆaflorida to be recalled. Also, few people know that their group is called DYNAMIC TEEN COMPANY (DTC). For the non-Filipinos, “kariton” is the Pilipino for wooden three or four-wheeled pushcart.

Efren Peῆaflorida hugged the limelight when he won the CNN Hero of the Year Award in 2009 because of his low-profile effort in helping street kids in Cavite City gain knowledge from what meager resources he and his group piled on a pushcart that they, yes, push around the coastal city. They have favorite shady spots where they park their pushcart, so that the kids need not look for them. One of these spots is in the cemetery which was once featured on TV, during which Cris “Kesz” Valdez was shown, demonstrating to the street kids the proper brushing of teeth and washing of hands.

Now on Kesz, he was a neglected child who at the young age of two was forced to scavenge in dumps for junks that can be sold to support the needs of his drug-dependent father. At a young teen age, he was forced to leave his family and lived on his own, finding security in the stillness of the cemetery where he slept. He was adopted by Hernan Manalaysay of the Club 8586, a group of evangelists until he found his way towards the comfort of the Dynamic Teen Company. Kesz won the International Children’s Peace Award in 2012, given at The Hague, Amsterdam.

The Dynamic Teen Company has a project at Amadeo, Cavite, a school that they named Akademus Amadeus. It shall cater to students who find it hard to pursue their studies in the city because of the expenses involving high tuition fees, board, food, and transportation. Construction is on a fast phase and at this stage, the school library is almost finished. According to Ms. Angel Neri, who heads the DTC Operations, and at the same time serves as the secretary/assistant of Efren, book donations are welcome to fill the shelves of the library.

The Akademus Amadeus can be found at 8586 Halang-Aingaro Road, Barangay Halang Banay-banay, Amadeo, Cavite. Book donations can be sent to Efren Peῆaflorida c/o Mrs. Adela Monton or Mr. Mediacio Monton at the school address.

Aside from the Akademus project, the DTC still pursues its objective of establishing 50 more Karitun Klasrum in areas where they are needed. For more details on the ongoing projects of the group, interested parties can get in touch with them through telephone, (046) 4315263 and look for Ms. Angel Neri. In case she is out, a volunteer who answers the phone can help in providing the initial information. The DTC is located at 188 J. Miranda St., Caridad, Cavite City.

Use tags, Efren Florida, Cris Valdez or Dynamic Teen Company, for a quick search in the cyberspace to know more about their advocacy.

Going Beyond the Success of having a Happy Family…

Going Beyond the Success

of having a Happy Family…

by Apolinario Villalobos

This share is inspired by facebook bloggers who never tire of declaring happiness and satisfaction in life. Obviously, they are not stopping at their happy family, to show how satisfied they are in life, and with happiness overflowing their person. They are going beyond their boundaries by filling their facebook pages with inspirational quotes, medicinal remedies, photos and information on touristic destinations, personal views on politics and necessary comments that are helpful as added information of viewers – all sincerely shared.

Most people thought that the ultimate goal of a human being on earth is to raise a family. And, in this effort, one should do all possible to gain success in having a beautiful and intelligent better half, equally beautiful, handsome and intelligent children, and of course, a stable home. But, thanks to the social media, for they unknowingly went beyond this goal.

There are religious and civic organizations that are tirelessly making communities alive. Some of those behind them are retirees who unselfishly share their precious time to keep the organizations pulsate with life. Aside from these senior citizens, there are others in the prime of their life who likewise unabashedly shout to the world how happy they are, and manifest such by their active participation in similar organizations.

In this regard, I am touched by what a facebook blogger did to two of his posts – pasted the same declaration of happiness and even invited his friends to do the same. The guy, Jess Fuentevila is a picture of satisfaction, just like another blogger, Bogz Jamorabon who never tires of wearing a big smile while going around the community on his China motorbike, as if to show that there is nothing to worry about, with the Lord’s hand touching us! Both still found time to be part of active sports and religious organizations despite their hectic jobs. The mentioned guys’ feeling of success has indeed, overflowed their home, beyond their beloved families.

At this juncture, I must say that satisfied people who declare happiness and success are also declaring a profound appreciation for what He has done – gave life with choices on how to live it…choices that could spell happiness or misery.

K-12: A Perspective for a Better Philippines

K-12: A perspective for a better Philippines

By: Louie John M. Salda


Education for life!

Juan dela Cruz pays so much attention to education. He believes that education is one of the most important keys that can open a door of opportunities, triumphs, excellence and success.

Education at its best would always be Filipinos’ battle cry- a philosophy and a belief that if people are educated they can serve as a paradigm for good and progress.

In the recent context of society, with the real scenario of educational system of the Philippines the challenge is. Is Juan dela Cruz ready to face the real world? Is he capable enough of unveiling the windows of the universe? This may sound over the top but the definitely he has the option for all of this.

The implementation of Republic Act 10533 also known as an act of enhancing the Philippine Basic Education System by strengthening its curriculum and increasing the number of years for education is the answer for the Filipinos who clamors for intellectual preparedness and longing for an educational system that will equip and engulf them with knowledge and skills that is tantamount in living and dealing life.

Certainly, the new trend in Philippines’ Educational System is indeed an accomplishment and a great initiative to conform to the standard call of international education, efficiently and effectively.

First, this complex educational system was designed to enhance and strengthen the cognitive development of each learner. With the addition of two more years in the basic curriculum this will surely insure every Filipino learner that they will be equipped with both basic and complex ideas. The strategized and dynamic approach by the teachers will sure help the students to prosper in their academic endeavors. Thus, learners’ theoretical skills will be enhanced and better understanding on every topic will surely be met.

Second, what is more engaging about going to school, are the things that you will discover and learn to do with. K-12 entails not only to develop one’s mind but also help them realize that education should be an outcome base one. The additional two years in the basic curriculum will also focus on technical skills enhancement, particularly those in demand industries that calls for large number of skilled workers. Moreover, this educational development would not only benefit Filipino students but also the teachers who are teaching skilled subjects to be updated and informed with the world’s latest trend and standards.

Lastly, with this new advancement in education, learners’ personality will also develop. The curriculum provides activities that will enhance and boost one’s personality. Furthermore, with the series of group activities that will be given to the learners it will develop their confidence and trust not only for others abut more importantly for themselves. Thus, human relation skills, teamwork, collaboration and cooperation among learners will surely be developed.

Now, that the Philippines is confronted with serious problems. And technology grows at its awesome speed. Filipinos must learn and be ready to cope with these challenges. Learning is not only by mind, but also by heart. Education is indeed a right and a privilege of every Juan. Every change can send forth disadvantages, but looking at it positively and giving this program a benefit of a doubt will help every Juan realize that there is more about education. This initiative might be expensive but people should be mindful about its advantages-advancement to every Filipinos learning and realization of lifetime investment.