Similarities Between Pope Francis and Jesus

Similarities Between
Pope Francis And Jesus
By Apolinario Villalobos

Aside from Islam, there are other religions and even Christian sects that regard Jesus as a prophet, and not as the Son of God which the Universal Catholic Church professes. Nevertheless, be Jesus is the Son of God or a plain prophet, the fact is, he preached only goodness for mankind. During his time, he was misunderstood and even ridiculed for what his protagonists declared were against the traditional Law of the Jews. He was practically surrounded by his detractors who watched his every move.

Today, the people’s pope, Francis is going through the same harrowing experience. He is practically surrounded by his critics who believe that his views and ways are in contrary to the established rules of the Roman Catholic Church. If Jesus had his Pharisees, Saducees, etc. as detractors, today, Francis has hypocrite Catholic clerics and fanatics that surround him as his critics. Jesus tried to reach out to as many Jews as he could, in the same way that Francis today is doing, even using the social media as one of the means.

Jesus chose people who, others during the time viewed as sinners, to be his disciples, and Francis did the same by appointing the latest young cardinals whom his critics thought will give him headache. Despite the loyalty of affluent followers, Jesus opted to preach in the simplest manner. Today, Francis reaches out to the Catholic flock without much pomposity, even putting his life at risk by doing away with bullet-proof protections.

Jesus came out into the open when the time was rife with political upheaval due to corruption, hunger, hypocrisy and dissent. When Francis was chosen as the new pope, the world is tingling with violence, many countries are infected with corruption, and even the Vatican is overflowing with hypocrisy.

Both Jesus and Francis are like voices in the wilderness drowned in the cacophony of human chaos. And, both calls for mercy and compassion.

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