Don’t Be Flattered by the Praise, nor be Discouraged by a Fault

Don’t Be Flattered by the Praise
Nor Be Discouraged by a Fault
By Apolinario Villalobos

Praise and fault should both be viewed as inspirations. One should not stop where praise is given nor be discouraged when a fault has been committed. It should be remembered that living is a continuous striving for the better. When praise is given, it means that one is being encouraged to aim for a higher level of accomplishment. When one commits a fault, it means that he should employ another means to attain his goal, and not for him to cease from striving.

Satisfaction is never a one hundred percent result based on impression. That is why in competitions there are judges. And, even though there is a so-called unanimous decision from the judges, there are still dissatisfied spectators in the audience. The elected government officials are not given a one hundred percent support by the constituents. Even Jesus did not please every Jew. And, God does not get one hundred percent devotion from His creatures as the world abounds with heretics – the ungrateful ones.

So, the next time you are praised, keep your feet on the ground, and just be nonchalant about it. On the other hand, if you commit a fault, admit it, and exert more effort and do your best the second time around.

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