The Benefits of Social Media…their threat

The Benefits of Social Media

…and their threat

By Apolinario Villalobos

The family is the basic unit of a society. Essentially, the relationship among the members is by blood, however, tradition and the need of society extended its scope to include close relationship by affinity and camaraderie that has been developed within fraternities and sororities, schools, and the occupational institutions. And the most popular bonding activity of these “families” is the reunion.

The hi-tech social network has become an effective venue for members of these “families” to get in touch with each other. The technology has practically made the limitation of distance, a thing of the past. With just one touch of a key, “family” members spread around the world “see” and “talk” to each other, and long lost friends and classmates are reconnected after decades of separation.       .

There are instances when the hi-tech facility is used as a tool in distant operations, such that the surgeon doing the actual procedure to the patient in a certain country is assisted by an expert via the visual monitor from the latter’s end in another country. Bloggers who are separated by oceans and get connected with fellow bloggers compare notes on how deal with certain subjects. And, even the people’s pope, Francis, is very much in touch with his flock via the web.

The hi-tech social media have practically compressed the whole world into a “neighborhood”. Through the internet, surfers know where to find commodities not found in regular outlets. Those confined at home can have their groceries delivered at their doorstep. Students need not spend grueling time in libraries to pore over reference materials for their thesis. Business ideas even for small scale ventures, especially do-it-yourself at home guides, can be chosen from the horde of proposals in just one click.

Those whose eyes are no longer reliable to discern the small texts of the Bible can surf the web for passages, even check the scientific history of mankind, and if not contented, further check the story of Creation. The health buffs can check seemingly limitless list of beneficial herbs, dishes that can ensure long life, and non-prescriptive medicines to prevent occurrence of sickness.

Unfortunately, the evil that is innate in man drives some of these God’s “intelligent” creatures to exploit the social media for their selfish motives. These are the hackers whose minds are practically coated with the thick tar of evil design. They intrude websites and cause havoc among their users and owners. They steal information from sites, and go to the extent of even stealing the identities of site owners.

The world is not cloaked with goodness alone. The negatives are out there to test our mettle, and we should always be steadfast in facing them. Not only physical strength is needed, but mental and spiritual firmness, as well.

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