Before we give instructions…first, we must be good followers

Before we can give instructions

…first, we must be good followers

By Apolinario Villalobos

We must first do the things that we want done to show that they are possible, before we can expect others to do the same. This is about the possibility of results that we expect. In short…do first to prove, then, give instructions or demand for similar results. For all those things, we should be patient.

This expectation, however, is situational. If we are the employer, we have all the right to be followed as our subordinate has no choice. To have some kind of good results based on our expectations, it is necessary to show our subordinates what should be done. On the other hand, in a situation where the parties are on equal footing, instructions should be given with subtleness or lightness, hence, co-equals are given the choice to follow or not.

Respect to the one who gives instruction is necessary. Without such in any situation, expect the futility of the effort, regardless of the good motive. If the leader, for instance is seen as indifferent or weak, expect the subordinates to ignore him as he turns his back, even leer at him. His voice becomes a cry in the wilderness. Others will then perceive the leader as inept or inefficient.

If the leader has not proven anything yet, he has no right to give instructions or expect results out of them. Along this line, the incompetent political leader who is already in place, vigorously peddles influence and buys support from the different levels of the government using people’s money, to ensure that he will have a clout. His act gives a wrong signal to his subordinates and peers who then think that they can do the same. Those “bought”, meanwhile, smile their way to the bank. The selfish motive of the leader has practically bred corruption!

Finally, corruption results from the ineptness of people who do not want to sweat out the good results of their effort. They let themselves be used by others or lick their ass, to gain influence and wealth.

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