Angelica…for Gelic Secades


(for Gelic Secades)

By Apolinario Villalobos

I can never get tired of writing stories of struggling people as I know that by doing so, they can inspire others. One of these is the story of Angelica or Gelic to friends and family. Growing up in a home that lacks even a thin swab of luxury, she did not experience a pampering love which her playmates experienced from their parents. But for her, to have loving parents and a younger sibling to play with was more than enough.

She had her dreams of working abroad but financial difficulties denied her such opportunity. After her unsuccessful marriage got shattered, she decided to bring her son up without help from her estranged husband. Just like other single moms, she did her best by making do with available jobs until she finally found one that fit her qualifications as a nurse. Fortunately, her son grew up with a responsible mind coupled with determined effort to be serious with his studies. Her son understood that her salary is barely enough to make both ends meet, so to speak. He therefore, endeavoured to study hard to earn credits for tuition discounts.

A lot of sacrifice was done by both the mother and son by scrimping on expenses for the unnecessary “luxuries” – things that a growing child needs. The best time for bonding for them was on weekends when Gelic’s son has no classes, and he would spend the whole day at her workplace, poring over textbooks and work on his assignments. From the office, the two would kill time by window shopping in a nearby mall followed by a shared cheap snack.

No words were uttered by Gelic to her son when she made a resolution that all her life, she will work for his sake. No word was also mumbled by her son as a promise that he will do his best to excel in his studies. Actions were enough for them to understand each other’s purpose. No conditions were asked by them from each other, in exchange for the unspoken promises. For more than ten years, this kind of unconditional love between mother and son went on. Gelic sacrificed her own love life by not entertaining suitors. Her son likewise did not squander precious time in the company of buddies, but instead, preferred to stay home to study.

Through high school, Gelic’s son did not complain when he was made to bring cooked food to school instead of pocket money for recess and lunch breaks. He rarely got hold of cold cash. Birthdays are celebrated with a home-cooked extra viand and Christmas present is limited to the most minimally-priced item from bargain counters. Their way of life is characterized by scrimping to the maximum to be able to survive decently.

Gelic’s son will be graduating from college in a year’s time. Looking ahead to the sweet fulfilment of her dream, she could only profusely thank the Lord that the constant guidance she always pray for, has been lighting their way as they struggled on. Gelic did not waver in showing her faith despite the emotionally devastating challenges that almost shattered her life. She has survived with her son, proving that strong faith can indeed, save us from utter misery.

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