Trying to be Honest in Times of Needs…can be more fruitful

Trying to be Honest In Times of Needs

…can be more fruitful

By Apolinario Villalobos

When we are in our direst needs, we try our best a hundred times to survive. When such times come, some of us exert effort to make cover-ups, too shy to let others know the real situation we are in. By being honest, however, does not mean that we are soliciting help. We can even gain respect and admiration, by showing others our endurance during such trying needs. The respect and admiration, as the fruits of our effort are sweeter, than the casual reaction from others whose view of our real situation is obstructed by hypocrisy.

I have a friend who used to hold a high executive position in a company. Despite such opportunity, he was unable to save much needed cash for his retirement because of the regular trek of acquaintances to him, to seek his financial help. To make the story short, when he retired, he was left with a meager social security pension, not even enough for his maintenance drugs. Every time I visited him, we would talk about friends who became successful in their jobs. His statements were always punctuated with “ I am thankful that they made it…”. Truth is, he had been instrumental for those friends’ success. Some were his subordinates whom he pushed with deserved promotions and guaranteed referrals.

Because of ailments that came with advancing age, he lost weight which practically changed his physical appearance. Despite the transformation, he could still muster a smile, as if nothing had changed. Today, he is financially handicap, but he does not show it. He just profusely expresses his thanks every time I bring him a small jar of coffee, wheat bread, and honey. When former colleagues learned about his situation, they visited him and brought him presents, for which the same sincere thanks are expressed with a smile.

My friend gained much respect because of what he honestly showed, reaping admiration in the process. His effort proved that time may have changed his physical make up… his appearance. But it did not change his image that exudes contentment despite his obvious material needs. He humbly appreciates the respect, enhanced by admiration, as shown by his smile while waiting for the flicker of his life to finally die down.

Illegal Drugs and Poverty – the miseries of a society

Illegal Drugs and Poverty –

The Miseries of a Society

By Apolinario Villalobos

Illegal drugs and poverty are miseries of a society that breed corruption in a country’s government and erode the culture and virtues of its people. Illegal drug start its infection as a mere vice of the indolent portion of the population until it becomes an extreme psychological necessity for survival. On the other hand, poverty-stricken populace of a country gets controlled by corrupt government officials and politicians with the use of money…with such control driven by helplessness on the former. Worse yet, the money come from the coffer of the government in most cases.

In the Philippines, there are allegations that contingents of the New People’s Army based in the north have resorted to planting marijuana in hidden and almost inaccessible nooks of the cordilleras. In Mindanao, there are allegations, too, that the Abu Sayyaf Group uses drugs to lure the youth to expand their membership.

During the campaign period that precedes an election, buying of votes is no longer discussed discreetly. This corrupt practice of politicians has become a common subject among electorates, as to who among the candidates gives the highest bribe. The electoral trend has become a way of life of the people. Regrets of the people are like cycle, repetitive and without end, every time winning corrupt candidates assume office and begin to ransack the government coffer to recoup what have been spent during their campaign.

Narco-politics have already crept into the government system of other countries, especially, those in South America. Poverty has become the face of third world countries. And, corruption that has developed into the stinking fruit of the mentioned phenomena is ensuing seeds that are being sowed throughout the world, as shown by drug laboratories operated by Chinese in the Philippines. The phenomena have become universal with the use of different nationalities as drug mules or couriers that carry loads of drugs to unsuspecting countries.

The world is experiencing a tremendous metamorphosis in all aspects of development in such a fast phase, as if mankind is in hurry to commit a self-annihilation!