Help Sometimes Comes from Least Expected People

Help Sometimes Comes

From Least Expected People

By Apolinario Villalobos

Years ago, with the onset of the hi-tech trend, and everybody rushing to get hold of the best cellphone unit, I refused to use one, for my privacy’s sake. When I finally realized its importance and acceded to its necessity, I was forced to start with the cheapest and an easy to operate Nokia unit, and let myself be taught by a ten-year old nephew its intricacies. When I entered an internet café to open a facebook account, it was a seven-year old kid who showed me where to point the cursor of the mouse, if I want to delete or edit an uploaded item.

When I got dizzy while walking along the busy Avenida in Sta. Cruz (Manila), a sidewalk cigarette vendor held my hand and guided me to his stool so that I could rest. When I lost my way in a squatter’s area, two junk-collecting kids sacrificed an hour of their time to help me find my friend’s house. And, when I puked in a sidestreet somewhere in Pasay City due to a bum stomach, a student who was passing by, gave me her bottled mineral water so I can rinse my mouth.

I consider people who at the moment of other people’s need extend their hand, as angels. And, these people do not wear barong tagalog or neckties. They do not get off cars, and they do not smell strongly of perfumes or colognes. These are ordinary people who are even willing to part with some of their money and valuables to help complete strangers.

It seems that God is sending a strong message that help in times of need, come in the simplest way…not in fancifully gilded boxes. And, when we receive one, we should pass it on.

2 thoughts on “Help Sometimes Comes from Least Expected People

  1. I am glad that we have the same view…thanks too for the added encouraging comment…I will check the link…thanks for it…I have printed some of your blogs, especially that concern our faith…I really admire your style..IDOL!


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