Ideas Are not Owned by Writers Alone

Ideas Are not Owned by Writers Alone

By Apolinario Villalobos

Ideas that suddenly crop up in blogs are not owned by the writers alone. They are also ensconced in the minds of others, waiting to be tapped. It just happened that there are some people – the writers, who happen to bring them out ahead of others. Writers are just articulators of ideas that are innate in all of us. It just happened that they have the nerve to do so. Others may already be thinking about them but are hesitant to bring them out. While others are made aware by the blogs that they have the same ideas in their mind, only, they did not give them much attention.

The writer who comes out with ideas can be helped by others through comments, be they negative or positive. Negative comments do not mean that the commenter is mad at the writer, as the written ideas are the issue, not the writer. Also, those who are harboring the same ideas should not feel bad because others beat them in the posting.

Expression of ideas should not be competitive, as proving who writes the best dissertation. Writers should treat each other as comrades in risks, enhancing each other’s works. If the commenter feels that what has been blogged is lacking or wanting in substance, he should enhance it by giving comments – for the sake of the readers. Writers should not be selfish as to keep information from the public and fellow writer, as these could be made as basis for the ensuing relevant additional information.

Most importantly, ideas that have been exposed by writers should be put into action if necessary by others who have encountered them. This is where role playing comes in. In other words, as not all can be articulate in writing, the others must be good in implementing. Also, if ideas found to be beneficial that have been exposed are worth sharing with others, let us not hold ourselves from doing the necessary action. However, it is expected that writers practice what they preach.

Finally, the popularity of writers, if indeed they become such, is just an incidental result of his effort, and should not be viewed as a big deal at all, because primarily, the objective in writing is to share or expose ideas for the sake of others.

Help Sometimes Comes from Least Expected People

Help Sometimes Comes

From Least Expected People

By Apolinario Villalobos

Years ago, with the onset of the hi-tech trend, and everybody rushing to get hold of the best cellphone unit, I refused to use one, for my privacy’s sake. When I finally realized its importance and acceded to its necessity, I was forced to start with the cheapest and an easy to operate Nokia unit, and let myself be taught by a ten-year old nephew its intricacies. When I entered an internet café to open a facebook account, it was a seven-year old kid who showed me where to point the cursor of the mouse, if I want to delete or edit an uploaded item.

When I got dizzy while walking along the busy Avenida in Sta. Cruz (Manila), a sidewalk cigarette vendor held my hand and guided me to his stool so that I could rest. When I lost my way in a squatter’s area, two junk-collecting kids sacrificed an hour of their time to help me find my friend’s house. And, when I puked in a sidestreet somewhere in Pasay City due to a bum stomach, a student who was passing by, gave me her bottled mineral water so I can rinse my mouth.

I consider people who at the moment of other people’s need extend their hand, as angels. And, these people do not wear barong tagalog or neckties. They do not get off cars, and they do not smell strongly of perfumes or colognes. These are ordinary people who are even willing to part with some of their money and valuables to help complete strangers.

It seems that God is sending a strong message that help in times of need, come in the simplest way…not in fancifully gilded boxes. And, when we receive one, we should pass it on.