The Philippines Should Expect the Worst with China’s Refusal to Recognize the UN Authority

The Philippines Should Expect the Worst

With China’s Refusal to Recognize the UN Authority

By Apolinario Villalobos

The vehement refusal of China to recognize the authority of the United Nations to mediate in its differences with the Philippines as regards the West Philippine Sea, should give a strong signal to the Filipinos. Except for Vietnam that filed lately its own protest, the seemingly inaction of other concerned ASEAN countries, has just emboldened China to go on with its brave and defiant actions in developing and protecting their so-called territories in the contested area.

The Chinese government has a reason in losing its respect to the UN’s authority in the face of unrests that plague member countries which the world brotherhood of nations failed to police. Even the newly-formed Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), has enshrouded with doubt UN’s credibility, as the former, continually breaches the neutral line of the latter’s peace-keeping forces. Not even the strong protests that tinged with threats from the so-called super powers, Great Britain and United States, have put a stop to the terroristic acts of the motley group of Islamic nationalists.

China has repeatedly expressed its resolve not to honor whatever decision the UN court will make in favor of the Philippines. And, as it is wont to do, the giant country may even slap a “disciplinary action” on the Philippines for its persistent move to seek the mediation of a third party. Worst, China may impose demands when, eventually, the Philippines agrees to sit down for a bilateral “compromise” agreement. The Philippines is left with no choice, anyway, as it cannot even expect help from UN.

Another worst scenario is when an untoward incident between the Chinese naval force and the weakling Philippine Navy shall ignite an excuse for the former to make an invasive action. A single shot is enough. The Chinese can easily say that they are protecting their territory and in retaliation can launch an attack of the neighboring populated islands of the archipelago. If that happens, I doubt if the US will lift a finger, because, its President shall still seek a mandate from their Congress. Nothing in the questioned latest “agreement” with the US Armed Forces provides for their immediate action in case China attacks the Philippines.

Doubtful, too, is if the Philippine government has already plotted options that could prevent the occurrence of the worst scenarios, or when they shall happen eventually. The West Philippine Sea case has practically become a “test case” to prove if indeed, China is the new world super power that should be feared, or at the very least, respected. The world is gawking at this Pacific side of the world, waiting for what will happen next… and the Philippines is one of the pawns.

Finally, with the UN’s diminishing credibility, its “weak” members are left to the bullying of the “strong” ones. The mandate of the organization’s court of justice that is supposed to protect the territorial rights of member- countries has become a simple memo. The weakness of the UN could lead to a chaos – a formidable threat to world peace.

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