Biblical Names and their meaning

More Biblical Names and their Meaning
By Apolinario Villalobos

Samuel – God hears
Eleazar – God has helped
Elijah – Jehovah is God
Micah – short for Micalah or Michel (who is like God?)
Zechariah – Jehovah remembers
Salome – female for Solomon
Solomon – peaceable
Deborah – bee
Ester – star
Reuel – God is friend
Jethro – excellence
Belah – destruction
Levi – joined
Asher – happy
Emmanuel – God with us
Babel – gate of God (tower of Babel/Babylon)
Anna – grace
Judith – Judean, Jew
Perez/Peres – to split
Simon – hearing
Zadok – righteous
Saul/Paul – asked of God
Judas – praised
Lebanon – white
Hazel – almond tree
Peor – opening
Euphrates – to break forth
Cyprus – copper
Elizabeth – God is my oath
Jonathan – Jehovah has given
Negeb – dry

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