Biblical Names and their meaning

More Biblical Names and their Meaning
By Apolinario Villalobos

Samuel – God hears
Eleazar – God has helped
Elijah – Jehovah is God
Micah – short for Micalah or Michel (who is like God?)
Zechariah – Jehovah remembers
Salome – female for Solomon
Solomon – peaceable
Deborah – bee
Ester – star
Reuel – God is friend
Jethro – excellence
Belah – destruction
Levi – joined
Asher – happy
Emmanuel – God with us
Babel – gate of God (tower of Babel/Babylon)
Anna – grace
Judith – Judean, Jew
Perez/Peres – to split
Simon – hearing
Zadok – righteous
Saul/Paul – asked of God
Judas – praised
Lebanon – white
Hazel – almond tree
Peor – opening
Euphrates – to break forth
Cyprus – copper
Elizabeth – God is my oath
Jonathan – Jehovah has given
Negeb – dry

In Surrendering …to Him

In Surrendering…to Him
By Apolinario Villalobos

There are so many things that one can surrender, such as rights to a property, share to an inheritance, patience for an undertaking, money to charity, pride for humility, committed vow of chastity, honor for short-lived happiness, etc. But the greatest of all that one can surrender is trust to the Lord.

In surrendering our trust, it should not necessarily mean that we should be wholly dependent on Him, otherwise the free will and intelligence given to us will be useless. In surrendering, we are giving Him the trust to guide and help us. And, we have to exert our share of effort. Failures should not be interpreted as failures per se, but challenges. The mere fact that we have exerted our effort, already means that we have succeed in this aspect.

The willingness to surrender to Him, is like putting on writing our trust. We should not forget that, whether we surrender our trust to Him or not, He is always around, anyway. So, if the willingness will come from our heart and mind with sincerity, we are just affirming our respect and love to Him – a recognition of His unquestionable power and authority over us…until we breathe our last!