Using Other People for Selfish Motives

Using People for Selfish Motives

By Apolinario Villalobos

Overcame by the materialistic desires, some people exploit the trust of others for their motive which oftentimes is acquisition of money and success at all cost. The weak sacrifice their dignity when they bite the bait. Allowing them to become dummies in illegal acquisitions of corrupt government officials, is the usual practice.

The weak allows their honor to be smeared with corruption when they become willing parties to the indecent practices of crooked officials. While others have later on regretted their biting the bait, others try their best to make the necessary cover up or denial, to the end.

This kind of evil exploitation has been exposed in the ongoing Senate hearing on the corrupt practices committed by VP Jejomar Binay when he was yet, the mayor of Makati. Illegal acquisition of properties such as condos and land were made using willing dummies, according to the former vice-mayor Mercado whose name was used without his knowledge on the documents of a land in Batangas.

If he becomes the President of the Philippines, God forbids, the country may suffer from the same travails under the former president Marcos, who declared Martial Law to purportedly check the alarming rise in criminality, and who, by virtue of his signature, became “part owner” or “owner” of numerous corporations throughout the country.

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