Listen more…than talk

Listen more

…than talk

By Apolinario Villalobos

Ever wondered why normal persons have two ears and just one tongue? Perhaps, God wanted us to listen more, than talk. Unfortunately, some people talk more, than listen, that is why they commit blunder after blunder, because they did not listen first so that they can have the basis for what they will say afterwards. This is how “miscommunication” happens. And, this has developed a wise saying, “less talk, less mistake”.

Some people love to dominate conversations, even go to the extent of interrupting others and finish the latter’s statement. Some people are sometimes in a hurry to be understood, an effort which more often proved futile, instead of being helpful. Rather than be understood, their objective is not appreciated, making them a turn-off, instead.

I admit, it happens to me, sometimes. I mean, in my haste, I talk fast and when someone interjects to clarify something, I fail to acknowledge it. At the end, nothing happened to my effort to be understood. Sometimes, too, to show my interest in a topic, I would butt in, to what a friend says, and finish his statement, with my own judgment although, with a question mark, in an effort to get his affirmation. As a result, instead of getting a nod, I would just elicit an irritated reaction.

I have realized all the mistakes that I committed after seeing my friends doing the same! The mistakes they incurred, made me see my own. As I have learned my lessons, I have tried my best to behave, since then.

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