Ode to the City of Angels…(Angeles City, Pampanga, Philippines)

Ode to the City of Angels
(Angeles City, Pampanga)
By Apolinario Villalobos

With the tarnish in your name now gone
you sparkle with splendor beneath the sun,
To rise in glory, proud but not with arrogance –
you finally succeed by dint of perseverance.

Oh, Angeles! Lucky are your diligent denizens
as they now live in tranquility under your wings,
No woe and fear, just pleasure fill them no end –
a blessing deserved by the fortunate like them.

Cities rise and instead of moving on, some stall
but not with you Angeles… you’ll rise still, not fall,
For time has proven your tenacity, your firmness –
that withstood scores of heart-breaking challenges.

Spread your wings, Oh, Angeles! Spread them wide
as their shadow, to more souls, solace they may provide,
Let those who long for comfort find it in your realm –
In you, let them savor the fulfillment of their dream!

(Angeles has practically made a turn-around, and
rose from a quagmire of bad impression as a “city
of sins” many years ago. Today, it is one of the
veritable tourist destinations in Luzon, located
at the northern outskirts of Manila.)

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