Friendship, Greed, and Betrayal

Friendship, Greed and Betrayal

By Apolinario Villalobos

All relationships start with friendship, bonded by trust and confidence.

For the married couple, the bond is formally legitimized by signed documents. For living- in partners, compatibility in many aspects of companionship is enough to legitimize the relationship, though, questionable in the eyes of God and the government.

In politics, everything depends on the unwritten “word” of honor among parties concerned, and which hinges on their distinct personalities, shaded with greed, yet. If such greed overwhelms any of the parties, disaster occurs – the dreaded betrayal.

A typical occurrence is what happened to the time-tested relationship between Vice-President Jejomay Binay and his former Vice-Mayor, Mercado. When Binay broke his promise to support Mercado during his mayoral bid for Makati, the latter felt betrayed which compelled him to release a tirade of accusations of corruption against the former. As alleged by Mercado, Binay had a second thought on the support, as he (Mercado) might not hand the reins of Makati back to his family (Binay), purporting greed that might develop in his person.

On the other hand, the friends of the President are a lucky lot for the latter’s tough support to them. Despite the flood of mistrust poured over the President’s men and women, he is steadfast in standing by them, propping them up, even putting them on his shoulders. This kind of character of the President is one of a kind, although, it jeopardized the well-being of the country and its people.

The President did not betray the loyalty of his friends, a very commendable act as a friend. Unfortunately, it is the trust of the Filipinos that has been betrayed, a grievous act for him as the President. His greed for a “friendship forever” with his handful cohorts has drenched his honor with hatred by the people to whom he committed a staunch stewardship for a journey towards progress on a straight path, devoid of corruption and exploitation.

The country wallows in different kinds of betrayals – from the halls of the lawmakers down to the lowest level of governance. The muck is so deep that, perhaps, only a miracle can pull the country out of it.

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