Ang Punching Bag…Antonio Tiu

The Punching Bag

…Antonio Tiu

By Apolinario Villalobos

For the tenth time, during the sub-Committee Senate hearing on the case of Binay, conducted on 30 October 2014, the latter’s prime dummy was practically punched to a pulp. But though, pathetically looking helpless, he heroically tried to enhance his posture by sporting sheepish smile. He made a mockery of the hearing by presenting a mere one-page document to show his ownership of the Binay estate at Rosario, Batangas, and which Trillanes said was prepared just the night before. His “crucial” evidence, obviously insulted the intelligence of the committee, as the piece of paper of the dummy seemed to have made fun of the proceeding.

All the way, throughout the hearing, Tiu was a picture of haplessness. Out of pity, perhaps, in one instance, Cayetano tried to give him a hint on how to salvage himself from the humiliating situation and establish his ignorance of the spurious deals he got involved in by just declaring that he was not aware if the guy from whom he bought the land was a dummy of Binay, but he refused to change his stance.

During the past hearings, his image as a successful businessman was shattered to pieces when Powerpoint presentations showed the dismal performance of his “corporations” which performed way below the red line, one showed revenue that a simple market vendor can earn for one year. Obviously, the capitalization that he has been arrogantly presenting was going around his “corporations” – a “show money” to entice investors. He was insisting that it was his own way of investing money which raised the eyebrows of legitimate businessmen. Due to the question on his financial standing, he is now being investigated also, where his show money came from, resulting to the challenge from the committee to open his bank accounts, as clearly, he is not capable of raising such big amount.

In the presence of heads of agencies, such as DAR, DENR, BIR, and broadcaster Raizza Robles who presented more telling evidences, as well as, the ever present former Makati Vice-Mayor Mercado who brought along additional documented evidences, Tiu went on with his unbelievable litanies about his grand plan for the Binay estate, such as its conversion into an agri-tourism complex but proved to be just a whim, shattered by tangible evidences.

His insistence on being a “clean” businessman who pays taxes religiously, put him in hot waters, as BIR will, henceforth, check on his ventures, if indeed, their papers are in order. His reputation and name have been compromised, but he expertly masked his apprehensions, still with a “cute” smile, if the word of Trillanes be taken.

A personal observation is that the false allegations of Tiu, though obviously made up, serve as hints for the Committee in some of their discreet investigations. The fix where Tiu is in now, has become very complicated that he might find it difficult to come out of the maze he, himself created. Just like the rest of the Binay allies, he was perhaps, hoping that Binay will make it as the President in 2016, hence, his stalwart resolve to stand by the latter.

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