Taking One Day at A Time

Taking One Day at A Time

By Apolinario Villalobos

Stress kills. It causes cancer and other diseases. True, because the emotion sends negative signals to the brain, that sends same signals to the whole body, weakening its immune system. The most common manifestation of stress is lack of appetite, hence, lack of drive to eat. Some people immediately develop colds that cause bleary eyes, and worst, insomnia! So, with all those, stress cannot just be relegated on the sideline and considered as “just” a “normal” mental occurrence that will eventually go away, as if it is a pestering fly!

I admit my being a type “A” person who is prone to stress. My tendency to finish things all at the same time makes me stressful, especially, if I fail to realize this desire. In other words, I am a worrier. I have learned my lesson, after a bout of steady shooting up of blood pressure that just won’t lower a bit, despite relaxation that has been late in coming.

Although, planning, especially, long-ranged, is very important, it should be used as guide, not driver. If there are plans that have gone awry, they should not be taken seriously. Rather, amends should be made based on the mistakes committed. Living should be done, on a day to day basis, as if we are taking things, one day at a time. Things to be done in a day should be enjoyed, rather than considered as pressures.

It should be borne in mind, however, that taking things easy, should not mean that we should no longer be serious in realizing our objectives. The ardent desire to achieve our goal should still be there, especially, for those whose jobs require quotas, as in sales and marketing, as well as, customer relations. What I am trying to say here, is that, the drive to achieve a goal should be used as an inspiration rather than a threat.

If one is inspired to do something rather than be threatened by the consequence of failure, the drive becomes a push, rather than a hindrance. The inspiration is that push behind us, while the threat is the block that we see ahead of us.

Simply said, if we wake up on a Monday, we should concentrate on things for that day, not those that will have to be done the next day, yet. If what have been planned for Monday are accomplished earlier than expected, that’s the time that some of those planned for Tuesday should be done. We should wait for it to happen, instead of forcing ourselves to do it, in order to make an impression. Take note that, although, good impression may have been achieved, the consequence could be missed meals resulting to ulcer, missed scheduled bonding with the family resulting to ill-feelings, etc.

In order to live life meaningfully, we should not fill our days with commitments to overflowing. We should do what are realistic, in one day at a time, so that we can enjoy life. We should not let time rule our life…rather, we should control time for our advantage.

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