Manila International Airport Terminals…their stink and management’s irresponsibility

Manila International Airport Terminals

…their stink and Management’s Irresponsibility

By Apolinario Villalobos

Again, the spokesperson of Manila’s airport authority mumbled alibis for their inability to come up to the international standards of airports. Instead of being thankful for comments that should be their basis for improvement, they condemn the commenting party, a travel buff that knows what he is doing, in view of comparisons. It is the fault of the Manila airport authority for promising comfort and convenience that did not materialize. There were expectations that ended in disappointments.


Instead of being boastful about wishful improvements in the four terminal facilities, the airport management should instead, be honest enough about their limitations in finances and capability. Finances, because, the Secretary of the DOTC, Mr. Abaya, himself, admitted that projects for rehabilitation, have been held in abeyance. Capability, because they know only so much – yes, hurting, but that is what is glaringly perceived by both the local and international travelers. The agency cannot cite corruption, for obvious reason – their heads will roll!

The spokesperson tried very much to save their neck by stating that, international travelers should not expect much from the Manila airport terminals as these are just used for transiting. That reason smacks of irresponsibility. The spokesperson forgot that appropriate terminal fee is imposed to travelers. So the question is, where did the millions of terminal fee go? She should answer that, otherwise, she will be accused of covering up the shenanigans going on inside the agency.

Ever since, irresponsibility in the management of the Manila airport terminals is manifested in the inutile administration and hand washing with statements that only the imprudent can utter! A broadcaster who mentioned this issue one time, ended his delivery of commentary with “what else can Filipinos expect from the present administration?”

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