Inviting Nur Misuari to Hearings of Bangsamoro Basic Law is Like Inviting Disaster

Inviting Nur Misuari to Hearings of

Bangsamoro Basic Law is Like Inviting Disaster

By Apolinario Villalobos


Representative Bongbong Marcos wants Nur Misuari to be invited to the hearings on the Bangsamoro Basic Law. He is saying that Misuari should be heard, because the reason why there was a Zamboanga “uprising” was because Misuari alleged that MNLF was left out during the drafting of the proposal. Has Representative Marcos forgot that Misuari does not represent the MNLF as of today? He is representing just a faction of the MNLF which staged the attack and siege of Zamboanga City that until now has not recovered yet from the disaster. There was no uprising in Zamboanga…it was attacked!


Misuari’s action was condemned by the other factions of the MNLF. In other words, it is wrong to presume that Misuari represents the MNLF as a whole. During the initial stage of the drafting, he was invited but he refused to attend because his direction was too radical, far from what the national government and MILF wanted which is a compromise acceptable to the concerned Moro, Christian, and Lumad inhabitants of the affected areas. In case Misuari makes it to the hearings, concerned parties should expect disaster, because he will just insist on what he wanted ever since.


Earlier, there was also a “threat” from Congress that they will give the proposed bill a hard time. And now, here comes the chairman of the Committee, Representative Bongbong Marcos, asking for the presence of Misuari whom Filipinos consider as a fugitive from the Law and with warrant of arrest dangling over his head. The Senate might as well invite the BIFF, because just like MNLF, for sure, it will never give peace a chance in Mindanao because they are also being left out.


Will the the Bangsamoro Basic Law proposal suffer the same fate of the proposals to impeach the President which for show was approved in form, but later, rejected due to inadequacy of substance, by the majority of the members of the Committee? Will it be another moro-moro in the making?




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