The Mysteries of Life

The Mysteries of Life

By Apolinario Villalobos


Waking up to the promise of another day

That for me is a great life’s mystery…

Another day… another life

Never mind if it’s filled with strife.

The caress of the wind

The city’s din and hassles

The undulating grass in the meadow

The warm sands of the beach

On a calm day under a coco’s shadow

Mysteries all –

That only life can give to me…

A humble and grateful soul.

A newborn baby’s cry tearing silence apart

And curl its mother’s lips for a smile

Is a mystery fathomed only by the heart;

The rain that patters on the ground

The glare and scorching heat of the sun

The drifting clouds in the blue skies –

Are just some of mysteries in the life of man

Stuck since birth till the day he dies.


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