The Responsibility of Giving and Sharing

The Responsibility of Giving and Sharing

By Apolinario Villalobos


When one gives, he should forget that he did it, and just let the beneficiaries do the remembering. There is no reason why we should remember the help that we have given to others. Accumulated memories of this act tend to become heavy and hold us back from moving on, we tend to dwell on them. In life, we should always move on as time is precious…its hands cannot be moved back.


It is best that those given help should not know who the giver is, unless, he is a politician or groups of people who solicit whatever are given. In the last two mentioned instances, accountability is at work. For the politician, people should know that he has given help, and the Foundations or NGOs should let the donors know that their donations went to the right parties. But for individuals whose intention is just to help to the best he could afford, there is no need for him, to identify himself.


Identification is just a name. The essence of giving is sharing oneself, the expression of which is beyond description because it is supposed to be felt by the receiver. That is why even the blind can feel if the help given him is sincere. The deaf can feel the warmth of the action, though he hears nothing uttered by the lips of the giver.


When giving, never expect appreciation, not even thanks, for giving is an obligation, a responsibility. The earthly wealth that is enjoyed in their different level of quantity is not supposed to be owned but shared. Everyone who lives on it should always remember that there are others who are depending on them…a reason why, sharing and giving becomes an obligation.



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