Man is not Alone in Facing the Odds

Man is not Alone in Facing the Odds

By Apolinario Villalobos


It pays to always remember to take everything with a grain of salt. Life is not always as rosy as any positivist wants to look at it that way. There are always kinks along the way. And, the best way not to lose patience is by taking life not so seriously, but of course, with some reservations. In order to maintain our sanity in this world, we have to be in synch with the realities of life.


Even the filthy rich have their own problems, tons of them! One is how not to pay the appropriate tax so that they can add the savings to their already fat bank accounts. Another is how to surpass the wealth of others so that they are assured of at least any of the first five slots in the annual list of the richest people on earth. Still, another is how to find a bank that could assure them of utmost secrecy about their accumulated wealth. And, there are many more….


At the other end of the scale, are denizens of the slums, and who are faced with problems where to get another handful of rice to be cooked into gruel for their starving children. There are kids who can’t sleep nights in thinking of ways to augment their earnings from selling scrap, so that they can buy another school bag and a pair of slippers or shoes. Still others are teachers who cry to heavens for help so that they can redeem their ATM cards from the hands of loan sharks.


If only the trees can talk and scream, even them, would loudly protest the indiscriminate toppling of their kind by greedy big-time loggers who gag the mouth of equally greedy local officials, and agency officials with wads of peso bills. If only the earth could just even belch in protest, they would be groaning in pain as illegal miners continue to abuse them for their mineral deposits.


Yes, man is not alone in facing the odds…




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