Philippine Politics…Deterrent of Progress

Philippine Politics… Deterrent of Progress

By Apolinario Villalobos


Politics are supposed to be righteous dogmas, philosophies, principles. But in the Philippines it is synonymous to dynasties in senate, congress, local governments. It also stands for corruption and exploitation. The real meaning of the republic is overshadowed by how politics is conceived in the Philippines. It has practically become a force that holds back progress…a deterrent.


From a simple stain that insignificantly smeared the Filipino culture in the past and was hoped to be expunged in time, it has metamorphosed into a monstrous virus that practically eats up the whole image of the proud brown race in this part of Asia. It has become a seed from which sprang different hideous exploits never known before, committed by those who are supposed to safeguard the rights and welfare of the Filipinos and the country as a whole.


Philippine politics has assumed an image of greed – a pot-bellied, grinning man, neck-deep in bills and coins, with both hands holding up bars of gold. It has become a sickening system glorified by those with a desire to get rich in so short a time. It has become the goal of those who want power that would enable them to get back at their family enemies. It has also become the arena where matches are held among the hardened fraudulent whose cravings for the ill-gotten wealth is boundless.


Philippine politics is faultfinder. Those in power passes back the blame for their failures.

Philippine politics is vengeful. Those in power erase from the consciousness of the constituents what the past administration has painfully laid down as accomplishments.


Simply put, Philippine politics is dirty.



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