by Apolinario Villalobos


As I thought that I have nothing else to do

but enjoy what remains of my  life,

I can’t help but explore my mind

for precious memories of my youth

and days of endeavor filled with strife

as I make strides towards my destiny

that, I am just about to see.   

The laughter they bring bolsters my verve,

the seriousness of near-death incidents

making me wiser though late in coming –

lessons from the past that I truly deserve.

Unpolluted wind buoyed flapping wings

and wafted leaves that fall from twigs

blades of grass sway to its gentle blow –

are to me now… once a delightful show.

Rivers and streams that I swam with fishes,

trees that I climbed with audacity

and forested hills I explored with friends –

all gone now…as I move on towards eternity.

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