Touching Lives

Touching Lives

By Apolinario Villalobos


It is amazing how others can unpredictably touch your life in times of its downturn. Text messages would come in, calls are received and even a simple “hi!” from those who are just around. The touch has a magical effect that instantaneously melts whatever bit of sadness is beginning to be felt.  As conversation ensues, your mind is diverted from whatever depressing thoughts are beginning to fill it. Before you know it, you are laughing to your heart’s content about recalled incidents in the past, or just anything to kill time.


It happened to me – several times, yet. One touch came as a call from a colleague in a former job who told me that somebody told her about a medical attention that I was getting. Her concern went as far as referring me to her personal physician whom she avowed to be a seasoned one, being in the field for more than a decade. Her effort made me think that there is no reason for me to worry about anything as I was assured of the physician’s expertise. Other touches came as messages via internet – for me to be extra careful…not to exert so much effort…to take it easy. The last touch came as another call from a classmate who, in his own right, is a spiritual crusader, too. Worried about messages of concern that he noticed in the web about me, he told me outright what to do, practically, telling me where I have gone wrong which centered on my work habit, as he knew that I am a workaholic. I listened to him with open mind. The long phone conversation via his prepaid call buoyed me up which somehow revitalized me for the rest of the day.


Without our knowing it, small things that we do for others are touches that somehow, can remove the gloom that is beginning to envelop them, just as what my friends did to me. I am beginning to think that humanity in its totality is interconnected by invisible links through which flow energy and all that these links need is a touch, a reaching out to activate them. Voracious readers admit that most often they come across items about mental telepathy. Others claim being healed by telepathic cure, others by actual touching done with praying over.


A personal observation is how the posted serious and funny photos on facebook can immediately make one smile. That is what I mean by “touch”. Those bloggers who posted funny scenes of their daily life, helpful tips on food, herbal cures and the like, have touched the lives of viewers via the internet, thanks to high technology. The framed messages of saints and unknown writers shared by bloggers to be viewed by friends mean a lot. The new pope, himself, realized this modern method of touching lives, so he did it himself, sending messages through the different social media, even going to the extent of subjecting himself to selfies.


In this process, what is important is for the recipient to open his “channel”. He should have an open mind and ready to accept what are being transmitted. The effort of the giver is useless if the receiver refuses to have his link activated. A simple case is how the priests and evangelists of other religions exert much effort in touching the lives of other people by sharing with them the good and righteous news. If those people just listen through one ear and let the messages exit through the other ear, without even a slight effort of absorption, the effort is futile, useless.


Jesus, during his time, tried reaching out to the people through his preaches, but just like today, during his time, there were non-believers. He was even taunted by the Pharisees. His last effort was to send his message by sacrificing his life on the cross, an effort that indeed, made a greater impact. He effectively touched the lives of non-believers by his act – dying on the cross.


The small acts that we do are just grains of sand compared to what Jesus did, and such should remind us that whatever we do to our fellowmen by touching them, we are in effect returning the favor to Jesus, though, in our small way…remember what he said, “whatsoever you do to the least of my brothers, that you do unto me”.


 If all grains of sand can be collected, mixed with cement and water, a strong foundation can be made, which means that if only the whole humanity can unite, there will be a strong foundation for just anything that we need to live our lives in peace.



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