On the Philippine Leadership’s Integrity

On the Philippine Leadership’s Integrity                           

By Apolinario Villalobos


The world is ruled in pockets by different kinds of government. They differ in ideology, as while some espouse democracy, others adhere to communism. Some are found to be effective, but some are beset with unrest, indication of their constituents’ mistrust. The people’s trust is hinged on the integrity of leadership. These are shown by giant nations such as Russia, the People’s Republic of China, and North Korea, all of which have leaders who had a steadfast hold on to their mandate because of their people’s trust. On the democratic side, worth mentioning are the United States of America and Japan. Command responsibility as the kernel of leadership makes the leader feel that his being at the helm of his nation could cost his life and honor.


Lately, the leader of Korea vacated his post due to the sensational mishap that involved the sinking of a ferry carrying students on their way to an island. Japan is no stranger to this honorable observance of “command responsibility”, even the Chinese and the Americans. But in the Philippines, although, the evidences of crimes committed by government officials would cram the pages of dailies, as well as, testimonies straight from the lips of their cohorts, they still hold on shamelessly to their posts. Even the conditional leave of absence while investigations are going on, is far from their mind. This attitude that smacks of egocentricity puts the whole nation in a dubious situation in the eyes of the whole world.


In the Philippines, the justice system is shamelessly abused by personalities with doubtful integrity – they, who are supposed to be models of righteousness, well-educated, progenies of some respectable families whose names even grace the pages of the country’s history. Unfortunately, they have become the stains of the Filipino race. 


Every time the current president speaks about accomplishment or difficulty to move on, he always mentions the supposed corruptions of the previous administration. But unconsciously, as he points one accusing finger at the previous administration, three fingers of the same hand are pointing at him…his own administration which is cowering due to simultaneous investigations of his people on the same issue – corruption. And, yet, he has the courage to ask the Filipinos to choose the right person who will replace him, a person who would continue what he started. Those who read in dailies his rhetoric just raise their eyebrows, as they have yet to know what he did worthy of what he is asking for.



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