Making the Right Choices in Life

Making the Right Choices in Life

By Apolinario Villalobos


The universe is balanced by two major forces, the positive and the negative, so is our planet earth which maintains its balance on its axis with the help of the north and south magnetic forces, aside from the one emanating from the sun. In a more specific situation, our life is also being influenced by two “forces”, the negative and the positive. But unlike the universe and the planet earth which need the equal amount of forces for the needed equilibrium, our life needs the positive more than the negative to give it serenity. Making the right choice makes a lot of difference to make our life worth living.


The forces that influence our lives, be they negative or positive come from many sources – from the people around us and our environment in general. Most often, the easiest option usually gives negative result. On the other hand, the one with positive result entails difficulties, hence, becomes the last option. That is why, we often hear remarks like, “you have to sweat that much to get it” or “it is not that easy to get what you want”, etc.


Nobody is free from the difficulty of making choices.  A freshman in college makes a difficult decision which among the long list of courses to take. A woman makes a crucial choice who among her suitors to give her nod. For the man, either to go for intelligent one or the beautiful. For the couple, how many offspring to have.  For a single guy, which investment – a car or house and lot. Still for the woman, career or being hitched to the loved one for life who is in a hurry to settle down. The decision for the right choice is often influenced by the family and friends, based on the prevailing situation, citing necessity as the reason.


It is the necessity of getting second opinions that makes the presence of consultants a must both in private and government entities, more so with professions. Even the highest official of the land has his own clique of consultants. The act of priests in confessing to their colleagues is a display of consultation which is necessary, and what Pope Francis did lately, confessing to a priest, caught his followers by surprise, though, it has a tinge of humility. Physicians are known to consult their colleagues for second opinions on difficult assessment of cases before they finally make the right verdict for their patients. Some lawyers are also known to do the same – consult colleagues for difficult cases. Teachers also consult co-teachers about their decision on problem students.


Finally, some friends swear to enlightenments they receive after consulting Him.



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