Thoughts in Loneliness

Thoughts in Loneliness

By Apolinario Villalobos


Alone with just the whisper of the wind that breaks the silence,

the moment of bliss seems to float me on the ocean of happiness.

Mind void of frenzy, becomes filled with thoughts…overpowering

And like in a forest, they all become jovial birds…singing, chirping.

Meandering thoughts bump each other in my once empty mind

And, puzzling though, got to choose just one of them at a time:


-on the world that seems to shatter…is there hope?

 that, even at the last moment

 whatever remains of its innards

 be spared to weld its fragments

 long molested without diffidence?


-on man’s greed, selfishness…will he still survive?

 despite never ending quest for more

 that stacks up hatred from disquieted

 who hesitate to act for the sake of unity

 but now feeling abused due to disparity?


-on man’s blatant arrogance…to where does it lead?

  when his reason for being, he questions

  thinking that a force alone has made him

  into what he is now, thinking all the while

  with intelligence, to no one he’ll reconcile?


-on the children’s gleeful prancing…will this go on?

  when the air they breathe, stained with death

  fill their aching lungs, makes their head spin

  and the river they wade in is grossly infected

  but, sadly makes only a few sincerely worried?


-on oceans and forests…how long can they hold on?

  for the sake of the fish and others on ocean floor

  the birds seeking shelter on their lush, cool foliage

  and many other creatures that call them their home

  when dynamites and chainsaws spelled their doom?


Alas! All I can do is shiver in anger and helplessness

With those thoughts in my abject state of loneliness…   

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